• Ultra-lightweight flexible amorphous solar cell "Amorton film" developed. Solar airplane with Amorton films on its wings successfully crosses North American continent for first time.
  • World's first refrigeration system "New Chemical Freezer" developed.
  • Sale of nickel hydride batteries "TWICELL" commenced.
    nickel hydride batteries 'TWICELL'
  • Support for activities of Osaka Symphoniker (present Orchestra Osaka Symphoniker) commenced.
  • Sales of built-to-order high vision liquid crystal projector with resolution of 4,500,000 pixels, LH-1000, commenced.
  • Color television compatible with high vision broadcasting "Teio" (HVC-33TO) launched.
    resolution of 4,500,000 pixels, LH-1000high vision broadcasting 'Teio' (HVC-33TO)
  • Ultra-low temperature (-152C) freezer (world's lowest) developed.
  • World's first HIT solar cell developed.
  • Industry's first hand-free cordless with answering machine "Te-Bu-Ra Cord Rusu" introduced.
  • Photovoltaic power generation system (reverse power flow) installed in private house for first time in Japan.
  • SANYO Electric Software Co., Ltd. established.
  • World's first portable phosphoric acid fuel cell developed.
    portable phosphoric acid fuel cell
  • Research system reorganized to strengthen ties between R&D Headquarters and development centers of individual business headquarters, enabling faster commercialization of new technologies.
  • Industry's first shower heating method oven, EMO-V3, introduced.
  • Three-dimensional display system not requiring special glasses developed jointly with NHK Engineering Services, Inc. and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
    Three-dimensional display system
  • Entered Cellular phone business, delivering digital cellular phone to tu-ka group by OEM.
  • Mass production of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries commenced.
  • HIT solar cell achieved world record for power conversion at 20%.
  • Raw garbage decomposer for home use, SNS-T1, launched.
  • Sales of photovoltaic power generation systems for residential use commenced.
    Sales of photovoltaic power generation systems
  • Commenced commercial production of world's first 635 nm red semiconductor laser with guaranteed temperature of 60?.
  • Entered imported housing business, first among home electronics manufacturers in Japan to do so.
  • SANYO's first PHS telephone unit "ALC" (PHS-P101) introduced.
  • New fiscal term began. (Fiscal year-end changed to March.)
  • SANYO Electric Credit Co., Ltd. stock listed on Second Section of Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • Entered PHS base station business.
  • Launch of joint project of six private enterprises, called "Silk Road Genesis Plan," announced.
  • Entered large TFT LCD business.
  • Started manufacturing low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor LCD officially.
  • Electric-assist bicycle, CY-A1R, introduced.
  • SANYO's first digital camera "Maltese" (DSC-V1) introduced.
    digital camera 'Maltese' (DSC-V1)
  • SANYO Electric Group environmental action plan "Action E21" launched.
  • SANYO Emeritus Co., Ltd., joint-venture company with Emeritus Corp. (U.S.A.), established to enter welfare business for the elderly and an elder care facility named San Ochs Kurashiki was opened next year.
  • Alliance agreement reached with IBM Corp. (U.S.A.) for semiconductor business.
  • 26,000 kW cogeneration plant, highest power generation capacity in Japanese electric manufacturing industry, completed in Tokyo Plant.
  • World's first ultrasonic washing machine "Himawari" (ASW-EP80A) introduced.
  • In-house company management system introduced; eight business segments reorganized into five companies.
  • Corazon Aquino, former president of the Philippines, appointed outside director.
  • Executive officer system introduced.
  • The construction of corporate headquarter building was completed.
  • SANYO Electric Credit Co., Ltd. stock listed on First Sections of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • Vacuum cleaner that does not emit dust, "Jet Turn" (SC-JT80), introduced.
    'Vacuum cleaner Jet Turn' (SC-JT80),
  • Industry's first stainless oven for home use, EMO-SR1, introduced.
  • Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries for hybrid electric vehicles developed.

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