• Fiftieth anniversary of SANYO Electric's founding celebrated.
  • SANYO to domestically produce 5 billion sealed-type nickel cadmium batteries "CADNICA."
  • BS digital high vision television "VIZON" (HVC-36DZ1) launched.
  • SANYO MUSEUM (with e-cafe) opened.
  • Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery business acquired from Toshiba Group.
  • Marketed detergent-free washing machine, the ASW-ZR800.
  • Comprehensive agreement reached with Haier Group Co., the largest consumer electronics appliance manufacturer in China, on wide-ranging collaboration.
  • Vending machine business sold to Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired stock for Kubota House Co., Ltd., and established SANYO Homes Corporation.
  • SANYO Solar Ark, giant photovoltaic power generating system, and Solar Lab, solar energy museum, opened.
    SANYO Solar Ark
  • Marketed home-use projector LP-Z1, which enabled enjoyment of high picture quality and large screen.
  • NTT DATA SANYO SYSTEM CORPORATION established under capital tie-up with NTT DATA CORPORATION.
  • Purchased shares of GS-Melcotech Company, subsidiary of Nippon Denchi Co., Ltd., for takeover and renamed it SANYO GS Soft Energy Co. Ltd.
  • Chip mounter business sold to Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation.
  • Developed cellphones for digital terrestrial television broadcasting.
  • Marketed integrated energy-saving system ? Eco-Store System ? for local stores that contribute to energy saving of refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment in supermarkets and conveniences stores.
  • Began mass production of Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery systems for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).
  • Full-scale production of HIT solar cells commenced at Nishikinohama Factory in Osaka.
  • Seiko Epson Corporation and SANYO Electric incorporated SANYO EPSON Imaging Device Corporation for liquid crystal business integration.
  • Started Tokushima Plant in order to increase production of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake struck Niigata SANYO Electronic Co., Ltd. (present SANYO Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
  • Enhanced solar cell business in European market, started full-scale operation at solar cell plant of SANYO Hungary Co., Ltd.
  • SANYO Electric Logistics Co., Ltd. stock listed on Jasdaq Securities Exchange.
  • SANYO commenced "ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ENERGY EVOLUTION PROJECT (currently ECO EDUCATION PROGRAM for Elementary Schools)" activities, environmental education for elementary school students.
  • Agreement reached with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (United States) to transfer portion of SANYO Electric Credit stock.
  • Developed cellphone terminal CDMA 1X WIN W33SA for mobile digital terrestrial television broadcasting service "Wansegu" (1 segment).
  • Next-generation Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery "eneloop" launched.
  • High-definition digital movie camera “Xacti VPC-HD1? launched.
  • 300 billion yen capital increased through issuance of preferred stocks to third parties.
  • Commercial-use air purifying system featuring “virus Washer launched.
  • Drum-type washer/dryer “AQUA AWD-AQ1? featuring “air wash? launched.
  • Semiconductor business spun off into subsidiary, SANYO Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • The "Mini-Gorilla" palm-sized portable navigation device series launched.
  • "enegreen Supermarket Showcase Refrigerating System" capable of connecting multiple showcases and refrigeration units launched.
  • SANYO Sales & Marketing Co., Ltd. integrated into SANYO Electric Co., Ltd to reshape and optimize the global sales structure.
  • Household cyclone vacuum cleaner “airsis? doubling as air purification device launched.
  • “eneloop universe products? received 2007 Good Design Grand Prize (Prime Minister’s Prize).
  • Ultra-short focus projector “LP-XL50? capable of 80-inch large screen projection from a distance of 8 cm launched.
  • Sold the mobile phone business to Kyocera Corp.
  • "eneloop" received Germany's iF Design Award 2008
  • Established SANYO Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. and SANYO Aqua Corp.
  • Established a new fuel cell joint company, ENEOS Celltech Co., Ltd., with Nippon Oil Corp.
  • The Imperial couple visited Tokyo Plant in Gunma prefecture.
  • Formulated SANYO Group Mid-term Management Plan (FY2008-FY2010) toward 'a leading company for energy and environment'.
  • Agreed with German automaker VOLKSWAGEN Group to co-develop next generation lithium-ion HEV battery systems
  • Installed air purification systems equipped with 'virus washer' technology in Warner Mycal cinemas
  • Made a capital investment in DALIAN BINGSHAN GROUP Co., Ltd, a leading company for commercial equipment in China, and became its biggest shareholder
  • Strengthen the solar business in North America;
    ? Established a new Si wafer production company "SANYO Solar of Oregon LLC" in Oregon, U.S.A.
    ? Increased the production capacity of solar module plant in Monterrey, Mexico by 2.5 times"
  • "Strengthen the solar business in Japan;
    ? Started a new Shiga solar module plant in Shiga prefecture
    ? Started a new solar cell plant of Shimane SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • "eneloop bike" electric hybrid bicycle released.
  • New manufacturing facilities completed for lithium-ion battery production at the Kaizuka Plant of SANYO Energy Twicell Co., Ltd. and the Nandan Plant of SANYO Energy Nandan Co., Ltd.
  • HIT solar photovoltaic cells and modules achieved the world's highest energy conversion efficiency of 23.0%
  • "eneloop" rechargeable batteries achieved a global cumulative shipment of 100 million units and the new "eneloop" that can be recharged approximately 1,500 times released
  • Nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery systems supplied for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) to PSA Peugeot Citro?n, France
  • Japanese production sites for the solar photovoltaic cell business (Nishikinohama Factory and Shimane SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.) bolstered to increase a combined production capacity from 340 MW to 565 MW by the end of March 2011

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