1 The Apprentice
2 Seeking a New Market in Tokyo
3 On hte Move
4 Lead by Example
5 Starting with Less than Nothing
6 A run of Bad Luck
7 Company Foundation
8 The Third Crisis
9 Entry into the Electric Appliance Industry
10 SANYO Move into the Appliance Business
11 Venturing into the Global Market
12 Great Leap Forward
13 From President to Chairman
14 The End of An Era

The Life And times of Toshio Iue. Founder of SANYO

1 The Apprentice

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Narrow Escape

Narrow Escape
The life of a sailor is not an easy one. From morning till night Toshio labored to prepare meals, clean decks, pull up sails, heave anchors, and load and unload cargo. Plus, the meals were tasteless and void of nutrition and the winter sea air was bitterly cold. But these hardships meant little to Toshio as he saw every risk as a new challenge. As he grew more skilled, he became stronger and with that came the personal conviction that he could endure and overcome any adversity.
It was on his 16th voyage that Toshio was to face his greatest and most terrifying challenge. Aboard a docked ship in Osaka loaded with limestone, a nearby warehouse suddenly exploded into flames leaving Toshio surrounded by deafening sounds and flying debris. He immediately dove into the river and didn't look back until he had reached the opposite shore. It was then that he saw his ship destroyed beyond recognition. In its wake, the explosion left 43 dead and over 300 injured, Toshio's quick instincts saved his life that day. Not yet fourteen, he decided it was time to go back home.

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