1 The Apprentice
2 Seeking a New Market in Tokyo
3 On hte Move
4 Lead by Example
5 Starting with Less than Nothing
6 A run of Bad Luck
7 Company Foundation
8 The Third Crisis
9 Entry into the Electric Appliance Industry
10 SANYO Move into the Appliance Business
11 Venturing into the Global Market
12 Great Leap Forward
13 From President to Chairman
14 The End of An Era

The Life And times of Toshio Iue. Founder of SANYO

Seeking a New Market in Tokyo

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Seeking a New Market in Tokyo

In the spring of 1920,Toshio headed for Tokyo determined to expand Matsushita's business. His first course of action was to persuade wholesale stores – notorious for buying only Tokyo made products – that not only were quality electric appliances production in Osaka but that his products were actually better and more affordable. Though impressed by his sales pitch and powerful speech, store owners were not to be swayed.
Toshio decided it was time to change tactics. If wholesale stores did not want his products then he would go directly to retailers. This strategy paid off and Toshio's business connections grew. Armed with a solid reputation and improved selfassurance, Toshio was ready to tackle the wholesale market once again. Perseverance, hard work and his unique style opened a few doors and Toshio gradually acquired wholesale clients.

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