1 The Apprentice
2 Seeking a New Market in Tokyo
3 On hte Move
4 Lead by Example
5 Starting with Less than Nothing
6 A run of Bad Luck
7 Company Foundation
8 The Third Crisis
9 Entry into the Electric Appliance Industry
10 SANYO Move into the Appliance Business
11 Venturing into the Global Market
12 Great Leap Forward
13 From President to Chairman
14 The End of An Era

The Life And times of Toshio Iue. Founder of SANYO

Starting with Less than Nothing

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The End of the War

The End of the War
On August 15, 1945, Toshio, in the company of other Matsushita employees, listened as the Emperor announced Japan's surrender. Toshio on hearing the news remarked that the company would now have to be part of a nation-wide effort to rebuild the country. To support this effort, Toshio immediately ordered employees to switch from military production to civilian manufacturing.
Over the next year and a half, Matsushita Electric was beginning to recuperate its pre-war economic status. However, during this time the General Headquarters of Allied Forces (GHQ) decided it was necessary to penalize companies that had supported Japan's military effort by producing munitions. For Matsushita, that penalty involved the removal of one executive officer. Normally Konosuke, as president of the company, would accept responsibility and step down. With the future of Matsushita in mind, however, Toshio decided that he should be the one to leave.

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