1 The Apprentice
2 Seeking a New Market in Tokyo
3 On hte Move
4 Lead by Example
5 Starting with Less than Nothing
6 A run of Bad Luck
7 Company Foundation
8 The Third Crisis
9 Entry into the Electric Appliance Industry
10 SANYO Move into the Appliance Business
11 Venturing into the Global Market
12 Great Leap Forward
13 From President to Chairman
14 The End of An Era

The Life And times of Toshio Iue. Founder of SANYO

From President to Chairman

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A Grass Roots Company

A Grass Roots Company
The decade following SANYO's foundation saw huge growth. It had achieved a capital fund of 8.8 billion yen and semiannual sales of 24 billion yen. While pleased with the success of the company, Toshio was concerned that it would lose touch at the grass roots level and end up a company concerned only with reaching profit targets. To ensure that this did not happen, Toshio specified a new management policy to drive home his thoughts on the direction corporate management should take in steering the company.
In January of 1961, Toshio gathered all executive officers, union leaders and presidents of associate companies to impart his new management policy. At the meeting, he pointed out that the prosperity now enjoyed by SANYO would have been impossible without the trust of its customers. As such, this trust should not be forgotten nor taken for granted. And as employees are the foundation of corporate management, it is essential that they be responsible and outstanding members of society. In terms of management direction, Toshio stated, "To outdo our competitors we must take full advantage of the skill, intelligence and determination of our employees." Also at this management meeting, Toshio announced a plan to reorganize the company into divisions for a more appropriate use of human resources. SANYO's current corporate policy – We are committed to becoming an indispensable element in the lives of people all over the world – grew from words spoken by Toshio over 40 years ago at this meeting.

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