About The Solar Ark

Area Facilities

LED Lighting System

LEDs are used for the SANYO and SOLAR ARK signs, and for the illumination system.

SANYO logo
3.5 m tall (the letter N: 5.34 m) and 16.5 m wide
39,000 red LEDs used
2.4 m tall and 11.7 m wide
17,000 white LEDs used
Presentation System
412 lighting units are mounted between the solar modules. Each unit measures 120 mm in diameter and consists of 51 red, green and blue LEDs. The entire system is computer-controlled to create a variety of images and characters. Unique and subtle color gradations, pictures, and characters are displayed to create seasonal presentations.

LED lightning System- The Solar Ark sports over 77,200 LED light panels. While an LED light panel has a lower maximum luminance than a neon sign, it is capable of producing much more detailed images. It is because of that advantage that LEDs are used on many fashionable buildings in Ginza (Tokyo) and Shinsaibashi (Osaka). Another advantage of LEDs is their low power consumption. Using just a seventh of the power of a neon light, an LED offers economic efficiency and environmental conservation.

Water Design

The Solar Ark is surrounded by a water garden, including impressive fountains and two ponds, each with a cascade. When the wind blows, the reflections from the illuminated Solar Ark dance on the waters, creating a spectacular light show.

Cascades (2)
2.35 m high and 40 m wide each (east and west).
Maximum water flow: 9.2 m3/min.
Up to 5 m high
Ponds (2)
780 m2 and 5-10 cm deep each (east and west).
Hold 130 tons of water, which also serves as a fire hydrant reserve.
Aqua Clean System
The water is kept clean with the SANYO Aqua Clean system, a SANYO invention that is used in SANYO detergent-free washing machines. The system electrolyzes the water to produce hypochlorous acid which cleans the water constantly in addition to preventing the growth of Legionella bacteria, a major cause of serious lung diseases.

- The Aqua Clean system uses no eye- or skin-damaging chlorine. This makes it ideal for use as a water purification system for pools and hot spas.

SANYO Solight System

The rest rooms are located in the windowless space under the west cascade, which is lit by the Solights installed in the pool above.


- Solight is a unique lighting apparatus equipped with a compact motor driven by a small solar cell. It automatically changes its direction as the sun moves, in order to receive the optimum sunlight, which is then used as a natural light source.

Solar Wing

Wings made of solar batteries spread out before you at the entrance to the Solar Ark. The wings consist of HIT solar cells which generate electric power on both the top side and underside of the cells, and which are sandwiched between tempered glass plates. These cells generate electricity while also functioning as awnings that allow sunlight to filter through and create a pleasant dappled effect.

Solar Wing

Main Approach

Located in the center of the Solar Ark, the approach area functions as a space for outdoor events such as scientific demonstrations and mini-solar-car racing, among other activities.

Main Approach

Ark Halls

Here you can see eye-pleasing materials being used to create a space with a light motif. These halls can be used for group visits, small- to mid-sized conferences and other events. Meetings for the Gifu Global Environment Program are also held here. This program is hosted by the NPO Nature Science Club, a joint venture of Gifu prefecture and the local communities.

Ark Halls