About The Solar Ark


Large-Scale Solar Power Generation Facility: "Solar Ark"

The design of the Solar Ark was inspired by the vision of an ark embarking on a journey toward the 21st Century. Only four columns are used to support the entire structure, thus giving the impression of it floating in the air. Elevation of Solar Ark

Solar Ark


Construction Steel frame with solid trusses.
Construction Area 3294.48 m2
Area of South Surface Approx. 7500 m2
Overall length 315 m
Height 31.6 m (center)
37.1 m (both ends)
Width 4.3 m (top) - 13.7 m (bottom)
Height Above Ground of the Lower Radiuses 20 m
Pillar Span 126.6 m × 13.7 m (narrow side x wide side)
Cantilever (Protrusions) 94.2 m
Depth 13.7 m
Weight Approx. 3,000 tons
Construction company Kajima Corporation
Wind resistance/Earthquake resistance Resistant to maximum wind speed of 34 m/s (peak gust of 60 m/s)
Resistant to level 7 on the Japanese earthquake scale
Clear Coating Material Fluorocarbon polymer coating (guaranteed rust-proof for 15 years)
Curvature Upper radius: 2,001 m, Lower radius: 740 m
Construction materials Designed to be ultra-thin, giving the Ark the impression of being suspended in the air. Structural steel was used that is 1.5 to 2 times the strength of normal steel.
Made using customized "G-Column" pillars produced by Kubota. These high-quality pillars are homogenous, due to a seamless construction method that utilizes centrifugal force.
Max. diameter: 1,250 mm, Max. thickness: 120 mm, Pillar mass: Approx. 61 tons per pillar
Base and shafts 4 shafts of 2000 mm in diameter and 31 m in length are cast in each pillar and support pillars with a total of 16 shafts.
Base and shafts: (Base) Reinforced concrete 7.0 (W) x 7.0 (L) x 5.0 (D) m
4 pillars weighing a total of approx. 5,000 tons
Solar lab Total floor area of this 2-floor, steel-structure building is 542.36 m2
9.3 (W) x 54 (L) m, Pillar span 9.3 x 36 m
The Lab is built in a piloti style at a height of 4.5 m above the ground. The building is structurally separate from the Solar Ark.

Solar Power Generator

Overview of Solar Cell Modules Type: Single-crystal silicon solar cells photo
Dimensions: 1,320 (W) x 895 (H) x 35 (T) mm
Weight:15kg per cell
Number of solar battery panels installed:5,046
Angle: 81 degree slant; 20 degrees west from due south
Solar Array Installation Type 12 solar cell modules per unit (standard) were assembled on the ground, and 470 units were lifted up and attached to the main body of the Solar Ark.
Total Power Generation of Solar Arrays Groups of 6 solar cell modules are connected in parallel, with 841 circuits in total.
Max. output: 630 kW, Estimated amount of annual power generation: 530,000 kWh
Power Conditioners Rated output: 300 kW x 2
Input voltage: DC 270 V, Output voltage: AC 440 V
Power Distribution System Solar energy-generated AC power is converted to DC power, boosted to 6,600 V, and then passed through a substation within the complex.
The generated power is used at plants within the complex without reverse power flows.
Number of solar battery panels installed 5,046
Maximum system power 630 kW
Annual electrical output Approx.530,000 kWh
Petroleum-based amount 120,310L / year
CO2 reduction About 167t-CO2 / year
Construction company SANYO Solar Energy Systems Co., Ltd.