Field Lab

Field Lab

Field Lab

The Field Lab is the first outdoor exhibition in Japan with a central motif of "light". Visitors can enjoy following a nature trail, where they can experience dramatic changes from season to season.1-9

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Silhouette Theater

One day after snow, one of our staff saw a marvelous sight. The sun was shining brightly on some bright, white snow which remained on the ground by a tree, in the shape of the tree's shadow. It is not unusual to have shade created by objects blocking the light; yet many beautiful phenomena must be occurring on earth unnoticed by anyone.
A convex mirror is used to reflect the sunlight coming in, to enlarge and direct a shadow on the screen. Try holding up your hands to the mirror or placing various objects on it. While playing with the shadow, you might hear the sun whispering a message just for you.

The Sun's Work

The sun gives not only light, but warmth, to the earth, and warms everything, including land, sea, and every substance on the surface of the earth. Though the light shines the same on everything, substances are heated differently depending on their color. See for yourself which color on the bench feels the most comfortable temperature to you.

Prism Tower

Light behaves differently according to the circumstances and conditions, though we may not notice it in everyday situations. It is reflected, refracted, and separated into spectral colors. The objective in creating the Prism Tower was to maximally stage the light's performances. Join us to witness the concert of light yourself.

The Reversed ARK

What path does the light take when shone into a small pin hole? In principle, the light goes straight; therefore a light coming in from the left will advance to the right, and one from the top goes to the bottom. Go around behind the box and look into the slit. A peculiar sight awaits you.

The Palette of Natural Colors

Light fills every space no matter how small it may be. What would be the color of light going through a microscopic sized hole? Out of sheer curiosity, we placed optical fiber scopes in various environments to peep into such a world. The color the light would be is filling the space into which you are about to peep.

Reflection Fantasy

Whether directly or indirectly, the sunlight reaches everyone and everything without fail, while reflecting off everything as it goes. Sometimes it even reaches into the shade behind objects. The bench that floats on color is created in an attempt to silently make snapshots of the light that, unnoticed, reaches behind a bench.

Magic Windows

The light we see everyday is the many "expressions" of lights overlapped. We have scientifically drawn on the light's marvelous expressions through different wavelengths and/or vibration directions. Look into each window, and you might find things different from what you are used to seeing.

HIT Monolith

This substance, found on earth, is revolving in reaction to the sunlight. We made a monolith to honor the wisdom and passion in man, which enabled him to find the substance, and to renew the determination to further contribute to the advancement of technology.
The solar cell generates electricity as long as there is light. How do you want to make use of this potential in light of the future of this valuable earth?

Solar Pencil

We have devised equipment gentle to eyes, with the aim of having scientific, hands-on experiences with solar energy. The lens makes a focal point by refracting light. The sunlight gathered at a point generates great power, adequate to burn paper. The earth we are living on is a planet located just the right distance from the sun to perfectly benefit from its energy.