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Local Community:Basic Stance toward Corporate Citizenship Activities

Philosophy and Policies of Corporate Citizenship Activities

Panasonic is promoting corporate citizenship activities (social contribution activities) and working to solve social issues around the world, based on the philosophy of education and coexistence while focusing on two key areas: the environment / energy and the next generation.
We carry out our corporate citizenship activities not as a distribution of profits but as an investment in society while collaborating and cooperating proactively with multiple stakeholders to help build a firm basis for civil society. Furthermore, we combine the efforts of all our employees and, to deploy our corporate citizenship activities globally, implement initiatives positioned as key strategies under three themes- "finding solutions to social problems in emerging regions and developing countries," "the global extension of environmental education," and "improving employees' innovation mindset as a global citizen" -based on the global policies set out below.

Positioning Social investment should be an integral element in business strategy, and top management must take the lead in making these investments.
Activities The highest priorities are the next generation and the environment/energy.
Vision The Head Office will establish global strategies and oversee activities that are carried out across several regions.
Regional companies will spearhead regional strategies and activities.

Responsible Executive and Framework in the Promotion of Corporate Citizenship Activities

From Japan, Panasonic formulates and conveys global strategies, for which Senior Managing Executive Officer Takumi Kajisha bears ultimate responsibility, and directs activities across regions. In five overseas regions - North America; Latin America; Europe/CIS; Asia, the Middle East and Africa; as well as China and Northeast Asia - regional strategies and activities are directed predominantly by a responsible official based in-region.

Status of Corporate Citizenship Activities

In fiscal 2013, we contributed a total of approximately 65 percent of our social investment to our overseas corporate citizenship activities.

For more details of Panasonic's Corporate Citizenship Activities:

Panasonic goes to great lengths to gauge the efficacy of its expenditure on corporate citizenship. For example, the Panasonic NPO Support Fund investments in NPOs and NGOs active in the fields of the environment and in supporting the development of the next generation represent a program that strengthens the organizational foundations of NPOs. Panasonic launched the fund in 2001 in recognition of the fact that major stakeholder NPOs/NGOs needed to strengthen their organizational foundations in order to develop their citizenship activities in a sustainable manner toward the solution of social issues.
In fiscal 2013, the Panasonic NPO Support Fund comprised grants of 29.9 million yen provided to a total of 22 organizations, nine in the environment field and 13 that work with children.
A follow-up survey of grant recipients is conducted at the point two years have elapsed after a grant-subsidized project has ended. A third party conducts a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the program's efficacy in strengthening organizational foundations. In the surveys conducted in 2012 of organizations that had worked to strengthen their organizational foundations in 2010, more than half (57.1%) answered "largely resolved" or "fairly well resolved" when asked if the grant had resolved the major organizational management problems. In addition, each organization was requested to conduct self assessment if the efforts to strengthen the organizational foundation had enhanced and improved the outcome and impact of the main project (had brought about change or had an effect on society) from the four viewpoints of ‘expansion of the scope of beneficiaries and the number of people,’ and ‘effect on resolving,’ ‘change in society’ and ‘effect on policies’ with respect to certain social issues being tackled,95% of the organizations responded that they observed enhancement and improvement at least in one of those viewpoints. Besides having grown the organizations through the grants, the efforts to strengthen the organizations' foundations were linked to enhancements and improvements in the outcome and impact of their main projects, and thus the fund's effectiveness in strengthening organizational foundations was verified.




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