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Customer:Ethical Corporate Communications in Advertising

In our Code of Conduct, we make clear our policy on how we communicate our policies, products, services, and technologies.

Specifically, our aim is to provide fair and accurate information to our customers and other stakeholders, and at the same time continually listen to and observe the public to learn from them and reflect their opinions in our business, marketing, and sales activities. We will also not make representations that are deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, or unfair. Our advertisements shall not be defamatory or of a political or religious nature. Finally, we aim to develop and demonstrate both our creativity and innovation in our corporate communication activities and impress on consumers that they can trust our brands.

Basic Approach to Advertising

Advertising activities reflect the belief of founder Konosuke Matsushita that "we contribute to society through our business activities." The fundamental stance taken from this is that manufacturers producing quality products have a responsibility to disseminate information about those products broadly, accurately, and as quickly as possible.
This responsibility is even greater today. Giving the public information about all corporate activities, in addition to products, has become an important social responsibility. Panasonic's advertising activities fully reflect this broader responsibility.

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Panasonic broadly discloses information about its corporate activities through various channels.

Promotion & Advertising

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Compliance with Advertising Laws and Regulations

Panasonic conducts advertising activities in compliance with local laws, regulations, industry rules and other guidelines in every region to prevent any misunderstandings and misconceptions.
In Japan, for instance, our advertisements conform to provisions of the Law for Preventing Unjustifiable Lagniappes and Misleading Representation and other advertising laws and regulations.
We also comply with the "Advertisers' Ethical Code" of the Japan Advertisers Association, standards established by media companies and other guidelines.

To comply with laws and guidelines, we have on-the-job training programs for employees and hold seminars and other events for significant revisions to advertising laws and regulations. This ensures that advertising personnel have a thorough understanding of how to perform their jobs. Panasonic companies also take part in classes and seminars held by other companies and organizations and, when necessary, seek the input of specialists from outside the group.


[Framework for Mass Media Advertising Activities (Summary)]
Framework for Mass Media Advertising Activities (Summary)

Guidelines and Approaches to Production of Advertisements

Panasonic uses the following guidelines and approaches for television commercials, newspaper advertisements and other advertising activities.

  • Advertising is an important social mission regarding business activities
  • Advertising should convey the true spirit of a company
  • Provide information that is accurate and easy to understand
  • Never use inappropriate or annoying advertisements

Selection of Advertising Media

Panasonic selects as its mass-media only companies that are well-known and respected in their respective regions and that permit the efficient use of advertising budgets.




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