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Customer:Customer Satisfaction


Our Basic Approach to Customer Satisfaction

Since its foundation, Panasonic's management philosophy has been to contribute to society through its products and services while always placing the customer first. Based on this philosophy, we aim for higher customer satisfaction by developing and offering products, solutions and services that benefit the lifestyles of customers around the world.
Our customer service is based on the principles of true service that have been handed down from the founder of Panasonic-to sincerely, accurately and swiftly address customer needs with humility and appreciation. The goal of customer service is to earn the trust and confidence of the customer while providing them with happiness and peace of mind.

The Fundamental Concept of Customer Satisfaction
(the pursuit of customer satisfaction)

The only way for those of us engaged in business to earn trust is to have everyone, regardless of whether they are working in the manufacturing division or the sales division, cater completely to the demands of the customers on all points and work strictly under the basic rule of producing or selling not even one product that cannot perform its function well.
Perfection can be reached only by paying careful attention not only to the manufacturing details but also to where our products are going and making efforts to completely satisfy the customers and provide flawless service.

Quality products campaign in 1940 by Konosuke Matsushita
(From Matsushita Electric’s 50-Year History)

Service Philosophy
(True service)
The customer's satisfaction is our satisfaction.
True service resides in mutual satisfaction.

Service is an integral part of any business. A business that does not provide service is no business at all.

Service, therefore, is the duty and obligation of any business person. But, there's nothing more aggravating than service provided only out of a sense of duty. Customers can sense it.

Service means satisfying customers, and when we satisfy our customers, we in turn find satisfaction in a job well done. Satisfied customers and satisfied employees. This is what constitutes true service.

Konosuke Matsushita "Omoumama" August edition 1967 PHP magazine

Responsible Executive and Framework

Structure for Promoting Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is a core business element for Panasonic, and the CS Division is charged with improving customer service by working with sales companies in countries and regions around the world. Developing initiatives based on the collective knowledge of our Japanese and overseas personnel, the CS Division strives to provide the best customer service through local CS departments that are the closest to our customers.
The CS Division gathers market-level information about product quality inside and outside Japan, as well as customer opinions and ideas, and feeds back this information to relevant businesses to improve product quality and safety. It also develops products that satisfy customer needs in various markets.

(Customer Relations Framework)


Domestic Service Structure in Japan

Under the four-company structure, Panasonic strives to provide best-in-class services which suit the specific attributes of each customer.

A Service Network Spanning Across Japan

With dedicated service companies that stand by the side of customers throughout Japan, Panasonic, along with its retailer partners, are in a position to provide customers with services that kindle their everlasting appreciation for product safety and convenience.
Repair services for consumer electronics are handled by Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd. (PCMC-CS), while repair services for housing equipment and related products are handled by Panasonic Eco Solutions Techno Service Co., Ltd.
Our customer engineers, with close community connections and advanced expertise and know-how, provide quick and reliable on-site repair services at the customers' request. Our repair centers receive repair requests from cutomers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. For products that are connected directly with the daily essentials of life such as our all-electric home appliances, we aim to provide the fastest repair services possible.

Number of service centers operated by Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd. :
105 throughout Japan (as of June 2013)

Measures to Enhance Repair Service Counters

Repair stations for LUMIX digital cameras
and Let's note laptop PCs
in Akihabara, Tokyo

Panasonic makes every effort to offer repair services that fit in with its customers' lifestyles, such as by providing customers with every convenience when they request repairs, including the acceptance of parcel deliveries of products in need of repair, registration for repair services over the web, and same-day repairs of LUMIX digital cameras and Let's note laptop PCs at its repair center in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Consultation Services for Solving Problems Quickly

<Number of Inquiries Handled at Customer
Care Center in Japan>

Our Customer Care Center helps customers (regarding product selection) before and after they purchase a product (regarding operations). The Customer Care Center is open from 9am to 8pm all year round to help customers quickly solve any issues they have with Panasonic products. We have started using different telephone numbers for each product category, making it easier for customers to get in contact with the best service representative.
Panasonic also provides information about frequently asked questions (FAQs) on its website to help customers resolve issues on their own, as well as the Helpful Information Phone Service, a 24-hour telephone-based automated audio service that provides information about each product and suggests ways to resolve common issues with products.
For inquires about lighting, information equipment, electrical equipment and materials, housing equipment and materials, and energy-related products like solar power generation and battery storage, in addition to supporting product selection and operations, Panasonic also provides specialized, expedited services 365 days a year to resolve issues relating to construction, installation and setup provided by its partners.

Measures to Deliver Reliability and New Value in the Business-use Equipment Field

Our sales companies in the visuals, security, information communications, automobile, industrial air conditioning and other fields provide integrated support, ranging from product proposals to design & installation and repair services. Our sales companies deliver reliability and value with comprehensive solutions tailored to customer needs.

Business-use Network Equipment

Sales companies in charge of business-use networking equipment and sales partners that sell our products are in a position to understand the unique needs of each customer and provide comprehensive solutions ranging from product proposals to system construction, sales, installation, maintenance, repairs, operation services, and cloud-based services.
Panasonic also delivers new value in terms of supporting business strategy execution and operational improvements at its customers.
In this context, we strive for customer satisfaction through our consultation services, repair services, maintenance services and other ways that facilitate the building of trusting relationships with our customers. Panasonic aims to contribute to the productivity and profitability of its customers by providing ongoing support that exceeds expectations and addresses their specific needs.

Automotive Equipment

Our sales companies in charge of automotive equipment collaborate with our retail partners to provide after-sales service for car navigation systems, car audio systems and other automotive products sold by Panasonic.
Moreover, Panasonic supports equipment supplied to automakers to address any requirements they may have.

Overseas Service Structure

Amid an increasing number of customers that enjoy Panasonic products around the world, we aim to further improve customer satisfaction around the globe through initiatives tailored to each region, with sales companies in charge of customer satisfaction in each country. Through this overseas service structure, Panasonic provides worry-free, high-quality services from the customer's point of view.

Overseas Network

Number of Repair Service Centers (Fiscal 2013)

* Japan:Panasonic Consumer Marketing
Co., Ltd. (PCMC-CS)
* Northeast Asia: South Korea, Hong Kong
and Taiwan

Panasonic has made concerted efforts to build a global service network with the aim of offering services that ensure customer satisfaction around the world. In overseas markets including India, Brazil and other growing emerging countries, Panasonic will bolster its service structures to win the trust and satisfaction of its customers.

Creating a Framework to Meet High Customer Expectations Globally

With the goal of pegging service quality at a high level and rationalizing service costs, Panasonic began in fiscal 2013 to create new standards and benchmarks to evaluate customer satisfaction around the world. We aim to offer better services by periodically sharing information about case studies and issues among the managers in charge of customer satisfaction at overseas sales companies and business companies.

Rules and System

Measures to Improve Quality of Our Customer Relations

Basic Regulations for Customer Relations

Based on its customer first management philosophy, Panasonic responds to all customers with the same high level of service quality in accordance with its established standards. In order to increase customer satisfaction and win their trust, Panasonic has drawn up Basic Regulations for Customer Relations (based on the JIS Q 10002 standard) that detail how to interact with customers and address any reasons for their dissatisfaction.
Each division responsible for customer relations periodically performs self-audits and works to continuously improve the quality of its responsiveness to customer concerns.

Fostering a Customer-Oriented Corporate Culture

Panasonic is proactive about obtaining Advisory Specialist for Consumers' Affairs qualifications for the purpose of fostering a corporate culture of putting the customer first. As of April 1, 2013, 416 employees of the Panasonic Group had obtained this qualification, the highest number among Japanese companies for the fourth straight year.

[Advisory Specialist for Consumers' Affairs System]

•Number of employees with this qualification
(as of April 2013)

* Includes the former Panasonic Electric
Works Co., Ltd. from 2012 onward.

This qualification is a business certification from the offices of the Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, with assessments and verifications undertaken by the Japan Industrial Association. The system aims to foster people able to act as a bridge between consumers, companies and government, by being able to quickly give the appropriate advice to consumers in response to their inquiries and complaints, and then convey their opinions in proposals to corporate management and government officials. (Source: The Japan Industrial Association homepage (in Japanese only).)

Learning from Customer Opinions (VOC Activity)

At Panasonic, we view the Voice of Customers (VOC), which are assembled from points of contact with customers, such as Customer Care Center, salespeople and partners, showrooms and service companies, as priceless sources of information for developing products, improving product functions, enhancing quality, updating user manuals and catalogs, and enhancing marketing activities.

Using a range of methods, we analyze VOC to detect areas in need of continuous improvement, and this data is fed back to product planning, design, engineering, and quality divisions, as well as marketing and sales divisions.

VOC activity is a key element of the Panasonic management philosophy of improving customer satisfaction, and we are moving toward having all of our employees be conscious of the VOC in all of their work activities.

VOC Activity

*Japanese only

Events and Tools to Educate Customers on Safety

Educational Courses for Consumers

As a part of our contributions to society, we work with local governments and consumer groups around Japan to offer educational courses as a place for customers to learn about various topics in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand setting. These topics relate to areas of strong interest for consumers, such as "how to get the most out of consumer electronics", "home safety" as related to housing equipment, "efficient storage ideas", "solar power generation", and "remodeling". The topics may also address specific customer inquiries and needs from time to time.

Educational Courses for Children

The Eco Solutions Company (an internal company) has sponsored Eco Lighting Classrooms, an introduction to LED lighting, and Eco and Solar Power Classrooms, an introduction to solar power, at elementary schools around the country to teach children about the environment and energy conservation.

In fiscal 2013, these classrooms were held at 166 elementary schools for 12,700 children.

Eco Lighting Classrooms were recognized as an excellent educational venue for eco and energy conservation with the Osaka Environmental Award sponsored by the Osaka Citizen Council to Create a Beautiful Environment.

Fiscal 2013 Osaka Environmental Award Received

How-to-use Guides Available on Our Website

We have posted a guide for customers on how to properly use our consumer electronics products in a safe and ecologically sound way.

In our recommendations for the safe use of consumer electronics:

*Japanese only
We demonstrate how to correctly use our consumer electronics products for the sake of longevity, safety checks to go over for each product, and how to use products safely by showing examples of how not to use them. These guides on our website are an important tool for enhancing customer awareness of safety.
In our recommendations for saving electricity when using consumer electronics:

*Japanese only
We describe how to use each of our consumer electronics products in ways that cut down on power consumption. This information is offered as a useful tool for conserving energy.
On Mezase! Kaden King (Aim at Becoming the Consumer Electronics King!):

*Japanese only
People take quizzes that test their knowledge on how to safely and comfortably use consumer electronics products, and try to score the title of Kaden King. This is a fun way to learn about safe product use and energy conservation.




Resources for future

Special Program for Touhoku "Smiling for Sure 2021"

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