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Environment:Environmental Governance

Management and Promotion System Centered on PDCA

The PDCA cycle for corporate-wide environmental sustainability management is implemented by each Company and business division through setting its own environmental targets, and planning and promoting its activities in accordance with the annual environmental management policy, which is developed under the Panasonic Group business policy and the environmental action plan "Green Plan 2018." The annual environmental policy is shared across the entire organization through the "Operation Policy Meeting of the Global Manufacturing Division" led by executive officers in charge of environmental management. Issues in promoting key environmental activities are deliberated at the Environmental Working Committee etc., which consists of environmental compliance administrators at Companies and Regional headquarters outside Japan. Environmental performance data representing activity results is gathered and assessed on a monthly basis as a general rule to identify the achievements, and additional measures are executed as needed. Annual performance data is disclosed after receiving third-party approval. Reviews and feedback from stakeholders are utilized in subsequent measures to ensure further and continuous improvement.

In addition, there are committees and working groups to form a promotional structure that focuses on key measures to resolve challenges, where members involved are spread across Companies and job functions. Specifically, there is the Product Chemical Substance Management Committee which deliberates and exhaustively implements chemical substance management guidelines, and the Product Environmental Law Working Group which engages in information sharing regarding product-related laws and regulations and reviews actions to be taken.

Promotion System of Environmental Sustainability Management in Fiscal 2014




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