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Encouraging All Employees to Become Environmental Innovators

As a part of human resource training to create a driving force behind environmental sustainability management, Panasonic has been implementing a range of environmental educational programs. General Programs deliver environmental knowledge along with our environmental policy and information about our activities, and vary depending on the employee's specialty and position. Specialized Programs are designed to bring employees' environmental skills to an advanced level.

In fiscal 2013, Environmental e-Guide FY2013 was implemented as a General Program through the intranet across global sites in June, the month of World Environment Day. Around 132 thousand employees took this opportunity to acquire wide environmental knowledge, which included our environmental efforts, social trends, and legal regulations, as well as to improve their environmental awareness. Additional contents including basic knowledge and practical tips on electricity saving were designed for employees in Japan, who were requested to continue their electricity saving efforts at home as well as in the office, just as they had been doing in the previous year.

In addition to the standard topics in the Specialized Program, which cover environmental legislation, management of chemical substances, waste management, and energy conservation diagnoses, three new subjects were added in fiscal 2012. One of the new topics is the basic training seminar on Green Products, which discusses designing eco-conscious products. The scope of attendants was also extended to a wider range of job categories.

A total of 22 seminars were offered in Japan, China, and Asian countries in fiscal 2013, with 509 people attending the seminars, including those working in non-environment-related divisions.

We will continue to enhance our environmental education as a part of human resource training programs to nurture environmental specialists.

Global Competitions and Local Training to Foster Higher Environmental Awareness and Skills

In the Panasonic Group Manufacturing Skills Competition held annually on a global scale, participants compete in the two categories of eco mind skills (overall environmental knowledge and expertise) and energy conservation diagnosis skills, (ability to make improvement proposals for energy conservation at offices and factories).

To encourage highly skilled core individuals working for green innovation, awards are presented to high-ranking competition performers. We also provide continuous support to upgrade company-wide environmental standards.

The Eco Mind Skills competition was held for the first time in China in fiscal 2012 as a part of seminars at global sites promoted and operated mainly by local employees. The questions in the competition reflect the important environmental trends of the region, aiming to promote an environmental awareness in touch with the reality of the frontline.
Also, the first “energy conservation diagnosis skills technologies” was held in Europe in fiscal 2013 in response to requests, welcoming attendants from seven countries. The seminar was conducted based on a more practical approach, with attendants assessing energy conservation for a factory under the instruction of active energy conservation diagnosis officers. We will continue to provide educational support that disseminates the energy conservation expertise built in Japan to global business sites and enable them to promote their own energy conservation measures.

Manufacturing competition

Manufacturing competition

Energy conservation diagnosis seminar in Europe

Energy conservation diagnosis seminar in Europe




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