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Environment:Global Eco Projects

Environmental Sustainability Management Across the World

In 2007, we started the Eco Project, in which each region sets out targets and concrete action plans with a focus on the global promotion of environmental sustainability management. We have made public announcements of our environmental commitments in different regions as 'eco ideas' Declarations and actively implemented efforts to achieve those targets.

The three-year mid-term plan which started in fiscal 2011 has evolved into activities centered around the two eco ideas of Lifestyle and Business Style. In addition to accelerating the activities we have conducted so far, such as spreading eco-conscious products, reduction of environmental impact from business activities, and collaborative work with local communities for environmental education, awareness raising, and environmental protection, each region sets sales targets for eco-conscious products.

We have now established a system whereby we announce an 'eco ideas' Declaration for all the regions in which we operate and implement environmental sustainability management suitable to each place. In Russia and Taiwan, the Declaration was made with realistic targets that reflect the situation of each country and the environmental contributions being made are also appropriate to national circumstances.




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