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Environment:Reduction in Resources Used

Reducing Product Mass

To reduce the use of resources for production, we continuously look to reduce the weight of our products. We promote resource-saving activities such as making our products thinner and lighter and using less components. Our activities for designing better recyclable products will gain speed, from the standpoint of further resource recycling in the future.

Rice Bread Cooker: GOPAN

Since its launch in November 2010, GOPAN has won the support of society for providing a new cooking idea of baking bread from rice and for its contribution to boosting rice consumption. It has achieved domestic sales of 300 thousand units.*1

In March 2013, the new GOPAN SD-RBM1001, a more compact, lighter, and easier-to-place version of the product was introduced. The previous product was equipped with two motors with different rotation speeds: one for grinding rice and the other for kneading. With the introduction of the industry's first*2 inverter motor with a variable rotation speed, the new product realized a space reduction by approx. 25% and weight reduction by approx. 31%, compared to the SD-RBM1000 which was launched in December 2011.

  • *1Cumulative domestic sales volume from November 2010 to December 31, 2012.
  • *2As of January 23, 2013, for home bakery products in Japan (surveyed by Panasonic).

Rice bread cooker GOPAN SD-RBM1001

Rice bread cooker GOPAN

Condensing Unit (indoor freezer)

Condensing units generate a cooling source for commercial freezers and refrigerators as well as refrigerated showcases, and consists of a compressor, receiver tank, etc.

The indoor-type condensing unit LCU-NS251MVP, which has a 25 hp capacity, reduces installation space by 35%, cubic capacity by 36%, and weight by 43%. This is the result of reducing the number of compressors by increasing the compressor output, reducing receiver tank capacity, and creating a unit base structure that uses plating techniques.

Condensing unit LCU-NS251MVP

Condensing unit




Resources for future

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