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Employee Satisfaction

Employee Opinion Surveys

We believe it is vital that we continue to focus on listening to and addressing the needs and concerns of our employees.

Every year in July, Panasonic undertakes an employee opinion survey in Japan.
Overseas, platforms for employee opinion surveys are opened every year in June in collaboration with consulting companies that are familiar with global human resource practices to correctly understand and respond to the varied cultures and values of each country. Panasonic is building a system in which those overseas companies that want to can freely participate. The surveys could serve as the benchmark among other companies, and the survey results are connected to problem solving at each company as any issues that are brought to light are incorporated in action plans.

Although there were no significant changes in overall trends, there was also poor performance against the backdrop of business depression, so our survey results for fiscal 2013 showed a decline in satisfaction in such areas as "the dynamism of management," "organizational vibrancy," and "company life" Including for example compensation. In contrast, satisfaction with "rewarding work" was unchanged from previous years, and high motivation was shown toward new product and market development as well as management reform.

Based on these survey results, Panasonic plans to accelerate the implementation of a variety of measures - including improvements to organizational management, with a view to the organization becoming more dynamic, and conveying the thoughts of senior management in a timely manner - so that all employees across the world can have an awareness of any problems as they rewardingly engage in their everyday business tasks.

Creating an Environment for Global Communications

Communication is critical to enabling our approx. 290,000 global employees to make full use of their diversity in helping us to realize our goal of developing global network management.
Our innovations in communication aim to create an environment in which employees worldwide can share information, and exchange knowledge and expertise on a daily basis, regardless of regional or national boundaries.

Therefore, all Panasonic employees across the world share management information and the thoughts of senior management by being able to access an intranet network. In addition, to promote the execution of business tasks through global collaboration, we are providing platforms that enable employees and business partners in every part of the world to hold Web conferencing and share information.




Resources for future

Special Program for Touhoku "Smiling for Sure 2021"

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