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Fair Operating Practices:Performance

Compliance Evaluations

Compliance Awareness Survey

Panasonic also conducts Compliance Awareness Surveys once a year on its employees.
The results of the surveys are analyzed by region, company and employee's position/title, and results are used in the planning of compliance-related measures as well as in solving challenges.
In fiscal 2013, we had 124,000 respondents to the survey in Japan and 38,000 overseas, for a total of 162,000 people in over 45 countries/regions that speak 18 different languages.

eLearning Data

In fiscal 2013, employees that attended classes numbered 22,000 in Japan and 15,000 overseas, for a grand total of 37,000 people in over 40 countries/regions with 23 foreign languages spoken. A total of 98 types of courses were offered.

Report on Violations in Fiscal 2013

In December 2012, Panasonic was informed that the European Commission issued a decision finding that a number of companies including Panasonic previously participated in an agreement to restrict competition in the sale of cathode ray tubes for televisions sold in Europe in violation of the EU competition law. Panasonic believes this decision is factually and legally erroneous, and has filed an appeal with the European General Court.
Panasonic has already exited the cathode ray tube business, but will state its arguments at court and seek fair judgment.

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Resources for future

Special Program for Touhoku "Smiling for Sure 2021"

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