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Fair Operating Practices:Policy

Panasonic Code of Conduct

This code establishes our basic approach and expectations regarding sustainability. It is a unified global standard, published in 22 languages, that explains how our management philosophy should be implemented. Our code incorporates the essence of, among other things, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Panasonic Code of Conduct

Panasonic Code of Conduct (Excerpts)

The Panasonic Code of Conduct codifies our approach to fair business practices as a "public institution of society".

Chapter 1: Our Core Values

An Enterprise as a Public Institution
Since our business is dependent on our customers and other stakeholders, we must remember that "an enterprise is a public institution," that must strive to fulfill its social responsibilities. In addition to listening to stakeholders' opinions, we must conduct our business activities transparently in order to be accountable. In short, we must continue to be fair, truthful, honest and swift in taking action to comply with our social responsibilities.

Our Core Values

Chapter 2: Implementing the Code in Business Operations

II-3. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Business Ethics

(1) Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Business Ethics
We will conduct business with integrity, a law-abiding spirit, and the highest ethical standards.
We will fulfill our tasks by always observing not only applicable laws and regulations, but also the highest standards of business ethics. Compliance with laws, regulations and business ethics in all our business activities is essential to the survival of our business.
(2) Fair and Sincere Action
We will respect free and fair competition, and abide by all applicable antitrust (competition law) and other laws and regulations. All of our transactions shall be properly and fairly recorded.
We will not engage in bribery of any kind. We will be sensitive to, and shall abide by laws and regulations and social ethics that govern the offer of benefits of any kind, including gifts, meals and entertainment. In the same manner, we will not receive personal benefits from any of our stakeholders.
Moreover, we remain steadfast in our attitude to oppose any illegal group or organization.
(3) Thorough Observation of Relevant Laws and Regulations
To ensure that all employees observe applicable laws and regulations and respect their spirit, we will establish appropriate in-house codes and promote employee understanding through seminars and training.
(4) Prompt Redress and Strict Treatment for Violations of Laws and Regulations
If we suspect that our activities violate applicable laws, regulations or business ethics, we will report such information to a superior, or to the legal affairs section or other relevant section, or via an in-house notification hotline. Whistleblowers shall be protected from dismissal, demotion, or any other retaliatory treatment because of their well-intentioned reporting of possible violations of any law or regulation. We will ensure thorough and confidential treatment of information reported.
Once we have established that a law or regulation has been violated, we will immediately seek to remedy the violation, take appropriate action and prevent it from recurring.




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