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Sustainability in Action

A Corporation Where Diverse People Can Thrive and Prosper

Panasonic has over 300 business locations throughout the world. In addition to global approaches to creating innovation that leads to "Better Lives," these locations also offer products and services to suit the lifestyles and cultures of each individual region.
Supporting these communities and lifestyles are Panasonic's diverse and talented human resources, and the thriving offices where they work. Panasonic believes that respecting diversity and making the most of our employees' contrasting strengths is an indispensable step in global growth.
In addition to strengthening recruitment efforts geared towards attracting ambitious and talented people who function on the global stage, we also strive to maintain workplaces which promote team synergy, and which permit each and every employee to thrive to the best of their abilities, regardless of differences such as age, gender or nationality.

Women-led Initiatives
The Panasonic Beauty Research Division

Driven and ambitious, Japan's Panasonic Beauty Research Division has created a new global market.
Created from the belief that busy women can be beautiful women, Panasonic Beauty products are handled by a voluntary team of female employees. The only rule is that each team member must bring her own original research theme. Following this rule, the team meets regularly to propose beauty appliances designed specifically for working women, and has released a series of unique and popular products, such as the Night Mist Nanocare.
Following on this success, Panasonic is expanding the division, which maintains full discretion over product planning, on a global scale. While the desire for beauty may be common the world over, the perception of beauty differs by country, region, landscape and culture. Panasonic celebrates this diversity of beauty, and is creating new teams at locations worldwide to discuss products and create value.

Human Resource Development Programs
A Special Program Linked to Social Enterprise

In 2008, Panasonic implemented Talent for Tomorrow (TfT), a cooperative human resource development program linked to NPOs and NGOs engaged in social enterprise. The program pairs two employees from differing business locations in Europe and transfers them for a period of two years to NPOs and NGOS where they engage in CSR workshops and a variety of related projects. This allows the organizations to obtain practical specialist knowledge and know-how in areas such as marketing, fundraising, logistics and project management, while also giving the participants a chance to improve their skills in areas such as creating outside networks, project management and teamwork.

Exchange Sessions for Young Employees
Supporting Voluntary Learning Spaces for Employees

Panasonic has begun a voluntary exchange program for young employees, known as the One Panasonic Exchange Session. The program was instituted in 2012 after feedback from employees who suggested that the opportunity to converse with employees from other departments would widen their viewpoints and make them more knowledgeable and competent. Participation in the meetings, which aim to create networks that surpass the limitations of company organization, age and nationality, is voluntary. The meetings are geared towards creating new synergy.
Many of the participating employees, who come from diverse backgrounds, left positive messages on the company social network service displaying their desire to cooperate in creating the future of Panasonic. Comments included, "Exchanging opinions with other employees helped to increase my motivation," "Despite the informal setting, I learned a lot of very useful information," and "I hope to see similar learning spaces created."

People Before Products―Sharing Panasonic's Corporate Culture with the Future.

Since its founding, Panasonic has inherited a corporate culture which places human resources and training first. In order to raise competitiveness amidst the globalization of society, and to make the company's presence felt worldwide, Panasonic will continue to implement diversity programs and human resource/leader development programs in regions throughout the world.

Making the Best Use of Limited Resources and Energy
Solving the Issue of a Sustainable Society
A Corporation Where Diverse People Can Thrive and Prosper
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