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Supply Chain:Policy

Procurement Policy

Suppliers are our partners in the development of products and services that meet customer expectations. Panasonic's procurement policy reflects its basic approach to procurement, as outlined in the statements below.

  1. Working together with Suppliers
  2. Implementation Information Gathering and Purchasing during the Development Phase
  3. Ensuring Product Quality and Safety
  4. Implementation Cost Reduction Programs
  5. Achieving Optimum Procurement by Shortening Lead-times
  6. Living in Harmony with the Global Environment through Green Procurement
  7. Improving Global Procurement
  8. Enhancing Compliance
  9. Better Utilizing Information and Enforcing Information Security
  10. Respecting Human Rights and the Health and Safety of Labor

Procurement Activities "Procurement Policy"

Basic Stance on CSR

Our suppliers are essential partners who help us to create value by developing products that meet our customers' expectations. Based on relationships of mutual trust, we work closely with our suppliers to continuously improve and deepen cooperation. Amid growing demands for social responsibility in procurement activities, especially with regard to the environment and human rights, Panasonic is collaborating with its suppliers to improve CSR procurement and transparency.

Not only does Panasonic provide outstanding technologies and quality, it also promotes transactions with suppliers that are socially responsible. Our suppliers agree to follow the Panasonic management philosophy and guidelines for CSR procurement, and are required to sign the Standard Purchase Agreement that clearly stipulates considerations concerning human rights and the environment before business commences. Panasonic also periodically evaluates its suppliers based on their CSR activities, in addition to their quality, cost, delivery and service (QCDS) standards and management performance.

Panasonic has five core areas of focus in its approach to CSR procurement; Clean Procurement; Green Procurement; Compliance; Information Security, and; Human Rights, Labor, and Occupational Health & Safety.

Start → Contract → Assessment → Concentrate business on business partners that contribute to a sustainable society

An enterprise that falls to practice CSR procurement will be neglected by society today

For Suppliers

While conducting business activities through partnerships with its suppliers, Panasonic is expected to ensure that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is being followed throughout its supply chain. We ask our suppliers to strictly adhere to the following CSR issues.

  1. Agreement with Panasonic's Clean Procurement Policy
  2. Product Quality and Safety
  3. Environmentally Consciousness Management (Green Procurement)
  4. Compliance and Fair Trade
  5. Information Security
  6. Safeguarding of Human Rights and the Health and Safety of Labor

Procurement Activities "For Suppliers"




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