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Supply Chain:Rules and System

Clean Procurement

We ask our suppliers to indicate their approval of our Clean Procurement Declaration, which shows Panasonic's commitment to fair and appropriate procurement activities, and engage in fair and appropriate transactions.

  1. Fair Transaction on an Equal Basis
  2. Selection of our Suppliers
  3. Practicing Appropriate Procurement Activities

Procurement Activities "Clean Procurement Declaration"

Green Procurement

Environment: Collaboration Across the Supply Chain


s a public entity of society, compliance is a major component of achieving our vision. We adhere to the laws and regulations of each country and region where we do business and maintain a strong sense of ethics to conduct our business activities. We assess ourselves to verify that we conduct fair and honest transactions with our suppliers based on our internal transaction rules. We also provide our employees responsible for procurement with regular training on compliance.

In the Standard Purchase Agreement, suppliers are required to consent to the following items.

Standard Purchase Agreement

  • Abide by all applicable laws and regulations
  • Offer no bribes or illegal political contributions, nor offer or receive cash or its equivalent, gifts or entertainment in excess of social conventions
  • Eradicate any and all associations with anti-social forces, and others

Information Security

Panasonic has issued its Information Security Standards and an information security checklist. We ask our suppliers to maintain the same level of information security as Panasonic does, in order to correctly handle and manage information assets including customer data, personal data, and information about technology, quality, products and services.

Fundamental Human Rights at Work, Labor, and Occupational Health and Safety

We demand that our suppliers adhere to the following in our Standard Purchase Agreement with them.

Standard Purchase Agreement

  • Completely respect the human rights of their employees
  • Provide employees with a safe and comfortable workplace environment
  • Strive to provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination
  • Do not engage in forced labor, child labor, illegal employment of foreign labor, or any other illegal employment activities
  • Follow the laws and regulations of countries and regions in which business activity takes place regarding employment conditions, including wages and work hours
  • Require that their subcontractors and suppliers follow the same rules
  • In the event a violation is discovered, it must be immediately reported and remedial action must be swiftly taken, and others




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