As part of the Panasonic group, Appliances Company globally operates two business segments: Lifestyle Appliances and Lifestyle Infrastructure. Lifestyle Appliances focuses on consumer electronics, which are the corporate DNA of Panasonic. Lifestyle Infrastructure deals with business and professional-use products and services, such as air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment.

Ever since our founding over a century ago, we have been working to solve various problems through our products and services. Looking at the world from the perspective of our customers, our endless pursuit of the better is what drives us. We continue to develop technologies that save energy, use cloud and AI systems in new ways, and improve air quality. Through our innovative activities over the decades, we have gathered insights and connections that give us a competitive edge. Living 100 years is no longer new, and changes in society and the environment take place at a dizzying pace. Life has become more diverse, and people’s values evolve over time. With the knowledge and expertise gained throughout the years, we continue helping customers and offering solutions to address social challenges.

We always aim to be the best partner to bring health and wellness to our customers. Appliances Company accelerates co-creation with others to realize true wellbeing for all people, in these times when the world is working out how to live with the new normal.

Photo : Masahiro Shinada

Masahiro Shinada
Appliances Company
Panasonic Corporation

The era of centenarians
Mental and physical wellness

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As of April, 2020

Company Name Appliances Company, Panasonic Corporation
Location Kusatsu City, Shiga, Japan
Founded January 1st, 2012
Company president Masahiro Shinada
Employees Approx. 41,000 (Japan:Approx. 19,000 Overseas:Approx. 22,000)


Business Division

  • Heating and Cooling Solutions Business Division
  • Smart Life Network Business Division
  • Kitchen Appliances Business Division
  • Laundry Systems and Vacuum Cleaner Business Division
  • Beauty and Personal Care Business Division
  • Cold Chain Business Division
  • Smart Energy System Business Division

Distribution Department / Affiliated Companies in the Japan Region

  • Panasonic Commercial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.
  • (Overseas) Consumer Marketing Division
    • Panasonic Appliances Europe
    • Panasonic Appliances Asia Pacific
  • Consumer Marketing Sector for Japan Region
    • C onsumer Marketing Japan Division
    • Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd.


  • Company Strategy Division
  • CS Division
  • Corporate Quality Innovation Division
  • Corporate Manufacturing Innovation Division
  • Corporate Engineering Division
  • Staff Division