Tetsuro Homma, President, Appliances Company

Since its founding, Panasonic has developed by meeting its customers' needs for a safe and secure living environment along with comfortable and convenient lifestyles, and is now celebrating its 100th anniversary.

As an internal division company of Panasonic Corporation, the Appliances Company has been engaged in the consumer electronics business, our corporate DNA, and continues to recommend new lifestyles to customers. As part of the company's vision to continuously provide consumer electronics that people yearn for over the next 100 years, we are running our business by integrating development, manufacturing, and sales operations, and taking up new challenges around the world. Furthermore, the Appliances Company is providing comprehensive products for living spaces as well as commercial products and services for a wide range of spaces including offices and retail facilities, and thereby contributing to the resolution of issues facing corporate customers by leveraging our IoT and AI technologies.

Our social environment and people's lives are drastically changing faster than ever before with a variety of possibilities enabled by technical development. Based on the technologies and solutions know-how that we have developed, we will open the way to a new future with you aiming to remain a company that delivers delights to people's lives.

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