As of April 2017

Map of major world base (image)

Asia and the Pacific Ocean Region

List of overseas affiliates in the Asia-Oceania region
Philippines Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation
Panasonic Philippines (Sales Division of PMPC)
Vietnam Panasonic Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Panasonic AVC Network Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Sales Vietnam
Panasonic System Networks Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Thailand Panasonic Appliances (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Cold Chain (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances R&D Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic AVC Networks (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic A.P.Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Siew Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Malaysia Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning R&D (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic Appliances Foundry Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd.
Panasonic AVC Network Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic AVC Network Johor Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Panasonic Appliances Asia Pacific
Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning System Engineering Malaysia
Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Indonesia PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia
PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia
Singapore Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore
Panasonic AVC Network Singapore
Panasonic Singapore
India Appliances Company India
Panasonic Appliances India Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic AVC Network India Co.,Ltd.
Australia McAlpine Hussmann pty Ltd.
Panasonic Australia Pty. Ltd.
New Zealand McAlpine Hussmann Ltd.
Panasonic New Zealand Ltd.

Europe Region

List of overseas affiliates in the Europe Region
United Kingdom Panasonic Manufacturing (U.K.) Ltd.
German Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Europe
Czech Panasonic AVC Network Czech, s.r.o.
Slovakia Panasonic AVC Networks Slovakia s.r.o.

Americas Region

List of overseas affiliates in the Americas Region
Brazil Panasonic do Brazil Limitada
America Panasonic Appliances Company of America
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration System Corporation of America
Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning North America
Panasonic AVC Network Company America
Hussmann Corporation
Mexico Panasonic Appliances de Mexico S.A. de C.V.
Panasonic de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Hussmann-American, S de R.L. de C.V.

China・North East Asia Region

List of overseas affiliates in the China・North East Asia Region
China・North East Asia Region Panasonic Manufacturing (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Home Appliances Refrigerator (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Refrigeration Devices (Wuxi) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Compressor (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Cold-Chain (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Syatem (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Microwave Oven (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic R&D Center Suzhou Co.,Ltd.
Austral Refrigeration (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Vacuum Insulations Devices (Chongqing) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Home Appliances (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Washing Machine (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances Rice Cooker (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Appliances (Hangzhou) (Export Processing Zone) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Home Appliances R&D Center (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Applianses Company China
Panasonic Applianses Air-Conditioning (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Compressor (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Electric Iron (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Beauty and Living (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Manufacturing (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Technology Center (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
Sanyo Electronics (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.
Panasonic Consumer Marketing China
Panasonic Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

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