Enabling mobile content delivery at the speed of light

Introducing LinkRay

Panasonic has developed the most advanced content delivery service to date, using visible light communication. LinkRay delivers mobile content by enabling ordinary smartphones to read IDs sent from LED transmitters, such as displays, signboards and spotlights, and to connect to associated mobile content. End users connect to content quickly, easily and securely for a simple, fast, intuitive and impactful end user experience.


Our Strengths

LinkRay provides an unprecedented user experience in mobile technologies

  • Fast & Intuitive
  • Effective Even in Crowds
  • Effective at a Distance
  • Effective for Multiple IDs in Close Proximity

Usage Case Examples & Benefits

  • Retail / Foodservices / Advertising

    Follow-up your call to action on customer devices, provide buying incentives that convert to sales, enable online ordering, and expand customer relationship management and insight.

  • Airports / Transit / City Services

    Provide scheduling, access assistance, city information, and translation services to individuals, track their movements, and enable "smart city" capabilities.

  • Museums / Exhibitions / Showrooms

    Provide creative content beyond the physical limits of exhibits, track and understand the visitor experience, and stay engaged. Send multilingual info and display it on a smartphone.

Package Solutions

Panasonic combines the LinkRay transmission function, smartphone application, and LinkRay service platform necessary for launching LinkRay services for a specific purpose or situation and offers them as a package.* This allows the customer to smoothly and swiftly start providing a LinkRay ID information service.

* Customization is required according to the customer's operating environment.

System Configuration Examples

The following are example configurations of basic on-premise and cloud-based systems.
LinkRay can be integrated with a wide range of signage, content delivery, or sensor
based systems utilizing different technologies according to the needs of each project.
Please discuss your individual project needs with Panasonic to determine the most appropriate system.

Cloud operation system configuration

Basic model with cloud-based management functions and standard smartphone apps.


On-premise system configuration

Operate on the customer's site server and provide a variety of customization options.


Introduction of the LinkRay Application

Download here for Free

App Store Google Play

Approved Models for the LinkRay Application (April 10, 2018)

iOS devices (iOS8 & later)

iPhone 5 / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus / iPhone SE / iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone Ⅹ / iPad 5th generation / iPad Air / iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 2 / iPad mini 3 / iPad mini 4 / iPad Pro 9.7inch / iPad Pro 10.5inch / iPad Pro 12.9inch / iPad Pro 12.9inch (2nd generation) / iPod touch 5th generation (Supports only devices that have a back camera) / iPod touch 6th generation

Android devices (Android5.0 & later)

GoogleNexus 5 / Nexus 5X / Nexus 6P / Nexus 6 / Nexus 9 / Google PIXEL / PIXEL XL

SamsungGalaxy Note 5 / Galaxy S6 edge / Galaxy S6 edge plus / Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Active / Galaxy S7 edge / Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ / Galaxy Note 8

HTCHTC 10 (HTC_M10h) / HTC 10 Verizon (HTC6545LVW) / HTC U11 / Android One X2

SonyXperia X Compact / Xperia X performance / Xperia Z5 / Xperia Z5 Compact / Xperia Z5 Premium / Xperia XZ / Xperia X / Xperia XZs / Xperia XZ1

ASUSZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS550KL) / ZenFone 3 (ZE520KL, ZE552KL) / ZenFone 3 Laser (ZC551KL) / ZenFone 3 Ultra (ZU680KL) / ZenFone 4 (ZE554KL) / ZenFone Zoom S

Motorola Moto Z

LGLG G Flex 2 / G4 / G5 / LGV 10 / LGV 34 / V20 / Stylus 2 PLUS / V30+ L-01K


OnePlusOnePlus 2 / OnePlus 3 / OnePlus 3T

SHARPSTARWARS mobile / Android One S1 / AQUOS R / AQUOS ea / Android One X1 / AQUOS PAD SH-05G / AQUOS R compact/ AQUOS sense / Android One S3



Panasonic FZ-A2mk1 / FZ-B2mk2

LinkRay does not work with iOS devices that are not listed above. It also does not work with iPod touch (5th generation) that do not have a back camera.
The operation of models other than those listed above is also being sequentially verified.

To scan LightID by Android devices other than those listed above , initial setting of the camera function is required.
Point the camera to the light source emitting LightID and Please push "Start".
* If the initial setting failed, that device is unable to get LightID.

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