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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you need to read LinkRay?

    A smartphone whose operation has been confirmed, a smartphone application (LinkRay Service Provider App) created by a LinkRay Service provider, and a "LinkRay" App are required.
    The first time you read a LinkRay with a LinkRay Service Provider App, a message will appear asking you to install the "LinkRay" App.
    The "LinkRay" App is used in common for receiving LinkRay information, and once it is installed in the smartphone, it can be used for all LinkRay Service Provider Apps.

  • Which smartphone models can the LinkRay use?

    Check the following link:
    Approved models for LinkRay Application

  • Can you receive LinkRay information from smartphones whose operation has not been confirmed?

    No, you cannot.

  • An error number is displayed after reading the LinkRay information.

    The following are possible causes:
    1. No content has been set for the link. Try reading another signboard or display.
    2. The smartphone is not connected to a network. Activate the mobile network or Wi-Fi connection from the smartphone's OS settings.

  • After pressing "Read LinkRay," the screen will not change from the camera shooting screen.

    1. The LinkRay reception signal may be unstable and not receivable due to the smartphone model (See *1) or the camera's shooting parameters. Get close to the signboard or light bar to increase the size of its display, and try to read it.
    *1: Refer to Q1.
    2. These symptoms also occur when the LinkRay server is flooded with access requests. Wait a bit, then try to access it again.
    3. The signboard or display may not be sending the LinkRay signal.

  • What happens if you receive LinkRay for which the LinkRay service provider hasn't attached any app link information?

    No content will be displayed.

  • After reading LinkRay information, the link display is slow.

    The internet communication may be unstable, or the LinkRay server may be flooded with access requests. Wait a bit, then try to receive the LinkRay signal again.

  • What happens if you start up only the LinkRay Solution (LinkRay app) and read LinkRay?

    If another app is required to display the link content, you will be guided to the installation screen. If the other app that is required to display the link content is already installed, the link content will be displayed.

  • Is the LinkRay Solution (LinkRay app) automatically updated?

    No, it is not automatically updated.
    You will be notified of the version update on (1) the LinkRay app, (2) the LinkRay home page, or (3) the download site. Please do the update manually.

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