Package Solutions

Panasonic combines the LinkRay transmission function, smartphone application, and LinkRay service platform necessary for launching a LinkRay service for a specific purpose or situation and offers them as a package.*
This allows the customer to smoothly and swiftly start a LinkRay information service. * Customization is required according to the customer's operating environment.

Purpose: Using a simplified system for a limited time only

Event Package

Examples of use

  • Simultaneous distribution of information for temporary use (limited period, temporary venue), such as at events and exhibitions, use in a stamp rally, etc.


  • Livens up the atmosphere by adding value to events (increased fun of participation, greater appeal).
  • Attracts more people by transmitting information on good deals.

Purpose: Adding value to a facility for visitors by providing a wide range of information

Facility Guidance Package

Examples of use

  • Art galleries, museums, theme parks, amusement facilities, stadiums, etc.


  • Adds value and convenience to a facility by providing a variety of information, including multilingual information, without any adverse effects on the facility's interior design.
  • Improves the service quality by allowing effective marketing of the facility based on the popularity ranking of display items, and effectively providing the information visitors want most.

Purpose: Increasing sales by using LinkRay services

Advertising Package

Examples of use

  • Provide product information at stores and restaurants, distribute reward points/coupons to visitors, offer multilingual information services, etc.


  • Increases repeat visitors by providing coupons through advertisement signboards, by attracting larger crowds and by giving out reward points to visitors.
  • Deepens visitors' understanding of merchandise and raises their purchase intentions by providing detailed information of products on display and sales menus. Helps plan an effective marketing strategy by enabling the measurement of advertising effect based on an access log and the analysis of visitors' interests and behavioral patterns. Increases selling opportunities by utilizing digital signage linkage for guiding visitors from physical stores to their EC (online shopping) websites. (Support for O2O*1 business)

    *1: Stands for Online to Offline. Refers to a business strategy in which information is provided online (via websites) in order to draw consumers to offline sites (physical stores).

Event Package Facility Guidance Package Advertising Package
Feature Attracts larger crowds during limited-time events, and allows analysis. Content can be operated by the customer. Service quality can be improved. Enables the use of signage products of other companies for Light ID services. Improves the advertising effect.
Examples of application


Stamp rally

Art gallery


Advertising signboard

Guidance signboard

Package contents Function

Interest analysis

Content scheduling

Map display

Local server

Signage linkage

Long-term log storage


Use in event*

Use of illuminated signboard*

LED light bar*

Light-ID-ready display

...more detail

* The photo is shown for reference only.

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