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Contents and Structure of the LinkRay Service System

Panasonic provides total support for the customer's information service. Our one-stop service delivers everything required for a LinkRay information service, ranging from devices and systems to platforms for content distribution.

LinkRay Service Example

Services Provided by Panasonic

LinkRay transmission function

  • Modulator
  • Transmitter
  • Display (42" / 49" / 55")

LinkRay service platform

Basic functions
  • LinkRay issuance and addition
  • Administrator's portal
  • Content link operation/management
  • Log provision
Extended functionalities
  • Link extension function
  • Log analysis service
  • CMS/local server/signage linkage

Smartphone application

  • Standard app: “LinkRay”
  • Provision of SDK (for linkage with the customer's application)

* We can also develop new applications for the customer.

Packages containing all necessary equipment and functions to meet specific needs

[LinkRay package solutions]

  • Event
  • Facility Guidance
  • Advertising

LinkRay Transmitter

The type of LinkRay transmitter, which is configured with a modulator and a transmitter,
is selected according to the customer's application.
Existing digital signage can also be used for LinkRay services.

Digital signage


Modulator required for LinkRay transmission

[Available from the Innovation Center, Connected Solutions Company]


For use of existing signage
for LinkRay services

  • LED light bar

[Individually procured] * The photo is shown for reference only.

LinkRay transmission-ready LCD displays

  • LCD displays with built-in LinkRay transmission function SF1H Series

    ...more detail

  • The brightness of the display panel is equivalent to about 75% its full capacity, when the Light ID is transmitted. The displayed image may flicker, but this is due to a change in the brightness during Light ID transmission and not due to trouble.
  • Available from the Visual Systems Business Division, Connected Solutions Company

Guidance signboard, advertisement signboard


For use of existing signage for LinkRay services*

  • LED light bar

* The photo is shown for reference only.

LinkRay Service Platform

The Administrator's portal screen allows easy registration, issuance and addition of LinkRay content as well as operation of links and confirmation of access condition (a log is provided).
Panasonic also offers extended feature to enhance the operation and functions of the customer's information service and to support visualization and advanced analysis of access logs.

Basic functions

LinkRay issuance and addition

  • Assigns a unique ID to each lighting device.
  • Issues an ID to each content displayed by signage.

Administrator's portal

  • Manages IDs and link registration using a dedicated website.
  • Enables browsing of the access log and setting of the display.

Link operation

  • Converts LinkRay to usable content URIs.
  • Enables URI switching according to the language setting of each user's smartphone.

Log provision

  • Displays the daily statistics of the access log.
  • Functions can be added/customized (optional).

Extended features

Link extension functions

Content switching / scheduling


Switching of content based on user profile


Switching of content / URI at scheduled dates and times.

Location notification,
extension of registerable URIs


Notification of location information to the app when LinkRay is received

Extension of
registerable URIs

Display of popupscreen onsmartphone

Log analysis

Detailed log display

Interest analysis

Display of the popularity ranking based on the analysis of access trends

Display of the dwell time/traffic line on a map

Display of the main traffic line on a map based on the access history

Extension of log
accumulation period

Long-term log storage

Extension of the access data storage period from 1 month to 1 year

Periodic report on access condition
(under development)

Periodic submission of access condition report (PDF)

Individual response to needs

Content switching /
Content management

Operation and management of various information,
such as distribution content

Local server construction,
signage linkage

Local server construction

Construction of the local server operating environment according to the customer's request

Signage linkage
(responses to requests being made in the order)

Adaption of variable ID control to other manufacturers' signage products

“LinkRay” and are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation.