World-Leading Panasonic Optical Disc Technology

As the social trend toward digital information intensifies,
data continues to grow at an exponential rate.
Compared to other media, optical discs ideally meet the needs for secure,
long-term storage of valuable information assets because they resist
the effects of temperature and humidity changes, have no need for periodic data migration,
and feature functions that prevent data tampering and overwriting.

Panasonic optical disc recording technology has led the industry for the past 30 years.
And we will continue to evolve in order to meet the increasing
demand for data archiving in the years to come.


Optimum Media for Long-term Data Archiving

Which media is suitable for long-term archiving purposes? Our answer is: the optical disc.
Optical discs are highly reliable, energy efficient data storage media with a long history. Recordable optical discs for archiving inherit their characteristics, providing even higher reliability, and an estimated lifetime of 100 years or more*. Media storage does not require power so it does not generate heat. The discs can be stored at room temperature because they are highly resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

*In the case of the latest "Archival Disc." The estimated lifetime based on acceleration tests that are being conducted by Panasonic. Note that it is not a guaranteed value.

Advantages of Optical Disc Media


  • • Data retention of 100 years or more
  • • Backward read compatibility with previous generation media
  • • No data migration required throughout the system lifetime

High Reliability

  • • Contactless media with no scratching or data loss even after repeated reading and writing
  • • High endurance for humidity, light, and temperature, highly resistant to changes over time
  • • The WORM (Write Once Read Many) structure physically prevents overwriting, and maintains data authenticity
  • • RAID technology applied to protect data against unexpected damage


  • • Lower bit cost as media capacity increases
  • • Low power consumption and no air conditioning required
  • • Overall TCO contribution of longevity, high reliability and low cost features

Storage Media Comparison

Panasonic Archiving Solutions

By combining the following innovative features with optical disc characteristics, Panasonic has developed a highly reliable, scalable, data archiving system.

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Discs are protected from dust, fingerprints, and scratches.

Data Transfer Speed

The data transfer rate reaches 360 MB/s (with RAID 0) by using 2 writer units. Additional equipment of units further increases the total data transfer rate of the system.


Configurable to optimally suit the customer's data volume (1 to 7 modules).

Optical Discs Development Road Map

Panasonic and Sony jointly established the "Archival Disc" standard for professional-use, next-generation, optical discs. The accomplishments achieved in the technical development of the Blu-ray Disc™ format were utilized to create a larger-capacity optical disc standard for preserving valuable data in the enterprise market.

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July 3, 2015 Panasonic and Sony announce an "White Paper: Archival Disc Technology"
March 10, 2014 "Archival Disc" standard formulated for professional-use next-generation optical discs


Optical Disc Development

Since announcing the Blu-ray Disc standard in 2002, Panasonic has led the way for the standardization of unified optical discs. We have continually led the industry in the development of peripheral devices, such as the mass production of home-use discs and recorders.
In 2014, Panasonic and Sony jointly established the "Archival Disc" standard for professional-use, next-generation, optical discs. Based on our solid track record of developing recording media during this long history, we have also actively established next-generation, large-capacity optical disc standards for professional applications. In this manner, we continue to propose new solutions for connecting valuable data to the next generation.

Over 35 years of Experience in Recordable Disc Development

Quality Control

Totally Integrated Production System

Panasonic Archival Discs are manufactured in an integrated production plant in Japan where every process,
from material development to final manufacturing, is performed. This produces discs with extremely high levels of reliability.

Drive Inspection for All Discs

The following quality inspections related to archiving performance are conducted for all Archival Discs. Only the discs that pass these stringent quality standards are shipped from our factory.

Servo Inspection

A drive inspection (see photo at right) using actual disc drives is conducted on each and every disc to check their servo characteristics.

Accelerated Aging Test
(High-Temperature/High-Humidity Test)

Entire production lots undergo an accelerated aging test using standards based on the results of an estimated lifespan test.