"freeze-ray" is designed and validated to meet specific,
large-scale data center and enterprise market needs.

Adoption of optical media enables storage of critical & valuable data safely
for a long period with data integrity.

It is an immutable and low-cost solution to meet cold data archive needs.

Procudt Outline

Storing large-volume data safely at low cost

  • Large capacity, scalability
  • ●Maximum storage capacity of 1.9 petabytes (PB) per standard 19-inch rack.
  • ●Scalable modular structure allows flexible system configuration.
  • High reliability
  • ●Contactless media ensures high reliability in repetitive data read/write operations and prevents data loss.
  • ●Resists the effects of humidity, temperature, light and age-related degradation.
  • ●WORM (Write Once Read Many) media physically prevents overwriting to guarantee data authenticity.
  • ●RAID technology safeguards stored data from unexpected problems.
  • Reduction of costs (TCO)
  • ●Optical discs with a lifetime of 100 years* reduce the cost of periodic data migration.
  • ●No need for constant power supply and air conditioning reduces electricity cost and CO2 emissions.
  • * The estimated lifetime based on acceleration tests that are being conducted by Panasonic. Note that it is not a guaranteed value.

Scalable modular structure, smart data management

Scalable structure

The minimum configuration includes one bottom module, one base module and one extension module (with writer unit). The base module can be mounted with 76 3.6-TB magazines for a total of 273.6 TB. When mounted with seven modules (maximum) per 19-inch rack, the system achieves a large storage capacity of 1.9 PB (with RAID 0) at low bit cost. Also, the total data transfer rate reaches 360 to 1080 MB/s*1 by adding 6 extension modules with writer units. This can be flexibly designed to meet the user's needs.

*1 Unit measurement value obtained by a Panasonic standard test. Actual writing speed varies depending on environmental conditions, such as the server.

Smart data management

When the dedicated software, Data Archiver Manager (optional), is used, freeze-ray can be easily connected to an existing IT system via LAN. Since multiple freeze-ray units and all magazines can be managed as one namespace, data can be accessed intuitively without having to know which magazine has the target files. The freeze-ray system supports Linux, so it is possible to construct an object storage system suitable for archiving a large volume of unstructured data.

Data Archiver Manager (Linux version) Download


■LB-DH7 Series Data Archiver*1

Sales region DC power cable connector Base module Bottom module Extension module
(without writer unit)
Extension module
(with writer unit)
Global Type A
(Round terminal)
Type B
(DC output connector)
China Type A
(Round terminal)
Type B
(DC output connector)
Minimum configuration Maximum configuration
(per rack)
Number of mountable magazines 152 532
Capacity*2 0.5 PB 1.9 PB
Number of writer units (per rack) 2 units 6 units
Total data transfer rate*3 Max. 360 MB/s Max. 1080 MB/s
Host interface SAS/iSCSI/FC (by server for Data Archiver control software)
Command protocol SCSI (MMC, SMC)
When mounted in a 19-inch rack, with EIA panels (height) 16U 46U
Input power DC +24V, +12V

*1: The system requires a separately sold server (Data Archiver control software installation necessary) and external power supply.
*2: After physical formatting. When using RAID 0.
*3: Unit measurement value obtained by a Panasonic standard test. Actual writing speed varies depending on environmental conditions,
such as the server.

■Data Archiver Magazine (Optional)

Sales region Capacity QR code Number of magazines bundled
30 16 5
Global 3.6 TB Labeled LM-BM36XD30 LM-BM36XD16 LM-BM36XD5
3.6 TB Not Labeled LM-BM36XB30 LM-BM36XB16 LM-BM36XB5
1.2 TB Not Labeled LM-BM12LB30 LM-BM12LB16 LM-BM12LB5
China 3.6 TB Not Labeled LM-M36XB30C LM-M36XB16C LM-BM36XB5C
1.2 TB Not Labeled LM-BM12LB30C LM-BM12LB16C LM-BM12LB5C

■Data Archiver Manager (Optional)

Supported OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux7, CentOS7

■Dedicated SAS Cables (Optional)
* These cables are used to connect the Data Archiver and server (Data Archiver control software installation necessary).
Please purchase the cables to suit the system configuration.

Sales region Server-side connector Straight SAS cable (2.5 m) Branch SAS cable (2.5 m) Straight SAS cable (2.0 m) Branch SAS cable (2.0 m)
Global SFF-8088 Mini-SAS LB-XA25A0G LB-XA25B0G LB-XA20A0G LB-XA20B0G
China SFF-8088 Mini-SAS LB-XA25A0C LB-XA25B0C LB-XA20A0C LB-XA20B0C

• Data capacity indicated in the text is based on 1 TB = 1012 bytes and data in unformatted condition.
• Product ratings and designs are subject to change for modification and improvement without prior notice.
• Note that Panasonic does not guarantee against damage or malfunctions during the product life.

Application Examples

Data centers

[ Issue ]
Increased data volume is causing a rapid rise in backup costs.

[ Solution ]
Separate data with low access frequency from the existing backup environment, and transfer it to the freeze-ray secondary storage system.

[ Result ]
Optimizes the operating costs of the entire storage system.

Research organizations

[ Issue ]
Experimental data must be collected, stored and shared on a daily basis. When the main storage has a problem, past data cannot be accessed.

[ Solution ]
Store all data in the large-capacity freeze-ray system. If the main storage malfunctions, switch the data providing source to the freeze-ray.

[ Result ]
Uninterrupted data sharing service. Achieve high-speed random access.

Video production/broadcasting

[ Issue ]
There is a need for reliable, long-term storage of digitally converted video assets with an online/cloud solution.

[ Solution ]
Migrate existing video and data tapes to freeze-ray synchronized with Media Asset Management and an online/cloud solution.

[ Result ]
Passes down valuable video assets to the next generation. Off-line shelf control magazines also possible.


Product Images

300-GB Archival Disc-Based System

9.85 MB 1.29 MB 16.7 MB 15.4 MB 2.27 MB
JPG Download PNG Download JPG Download JPG Download JPG Download


300-GB Archival Disc-Based System

"LB-DH7 Series" Leaflet

100-GB Blu-ray Disc-Based System

"LB-DH8 Series" Leaflet

White Paper

Operator Guide/Install Guide

Sales region DC power cable connector Base
Extension module
(without writer unit)
Extension module
(with writer unit)
Operator guide Install guide
Global Type A LB-DH70A0G LB-DF81Z1G LB-DH82Z1G LB-DF72A0G Download Download
Type B LB-DH70A2G LB-DF81Z2G LB-DH82Z2G LB-DF72A2G Download Download
China Type A LB-DH70A0C LB-DF81Z1C LB-DH82Z1C LB-DF72A0C Download Download
Type B LB-DH70A2C LB-DF81Z2C LB-DH82Z1C LB-DF72A2C Download Download