Blu-ray Disc™

Check out the advantages of Panasonic Blu-ray Discs.
  • High Capacity
  • High Speed
  • High Picture Quality
  • Long Life
  • Scratch Resistance
  • High Quality
  • Hardware Compatibility
  • Eco-Friendliness

High Capacity

• Holds 50 GB of data on a single disc with the same 12 cm diameter as a CD or a DVD.
• Movies, photos and PC data can be saved on the same disc*.
• A single disc (50 GB) can record 8 hours of HD movies in HG mode or 24 hours in HL mode.

* Depending on the operating environment.

Key Point
Advanced multilayer technology enables 50 GB large capacity.


High Speed

• Records data at up to 216 Mbps (6x speed).
• Even at normal speed, Panasonic's BD records data more than three times as fast as a DVD.
*Maximum transfer speed for DVDs ( normal speed ) is 11.08Mbps.
• Enables high-speed copying from a hard disk.
• Maintains stable recording from low to high speeds.(2x/4x/6x)

Key Point
The phase-change recording technology enables reliable, high-speed recording.


High Picture Quality

• Stores HD movies without any image or sound degradation.
• Lets you reproduce dynamic, large-screen images with the same quality as the original.

Key Point
Panasonic brings the beauty and entertainment of HD images to your living room.


Long Life

• A data archiving life of 50 years (according to a Panasonic accelerated age test)
• High reliability is verified by a world famous third-party certification institution (TÜV Rheinland).
• A high resistance to the effects of UV light and aging.

Key Point
Panasonic BDs use highly reliable inorganic (phase-change) recording layers.


Scratch Resistance

A hard coating technology makes Panasonic BDs highly resistant to scratches.

Key Point
A hard coating technology based on a spin coating method protects the disc surface.


High Quality

• The integrated production system covers all processes, from developing materials to manufacturing the final product.

Key Point
Panasonic's professional quality is backed by 35 years of experience in developing optical discs.


Hardware Compatibility

• Panasonic BDs are highly compatible with a variety of BD devices.

Key Point
Panasonic BDs come from a total solution company that is involved in all Blu-ray Disc aspects — from components to media and hardware.



• A single BD holds approximately the same amount of data as 71 CD-ROM discs, greatly reducing disc material consumption.
• Comparing the amount of polycarbonate used in the disc, the CO2 emissions of a BD are approximately 1/75 those of a CD.
• TÜV Rheinland, a third-party certification institution, has acknowledged that Panasonic BDs have passed a test for harmful substances.

Key Point
Using BDs instead of CDs or DVDs helps to reduce CO2 emissions.