Blu-ray Disc™

Application Examples

Preserve memorable life events / Want to capture exciting moments on your HD camcorder and save them on a Blu-ray Disc?

You can record exciting moments like your baby's first steps and joyful laughter with an HD camcorder and save them on a Blu-ray Disc. Then, you can relive those special moments with HD images anytime you want. Preserve all the special events of your newborn baby with HD images and sounds.

  • Organize your camcorder movies and digital photos onto a single Blu-ray Disc.
  • You can keep your memories fresh forever by saving images of the newspaper on the day your baby was born, early drawings, and other memorable events.
  • BD data lasts for a long time and colors stay fresh, so you can enjoy your exciting memories in HD quality.

Keep your memories on this small disc!
You can save memories of the family growing up onto a BD as a permanent record and give it as a present.

Save memories of your vacation / Save the memories of your vacation in both photos and movies on a single Blu-ray Disc. You can also scan and save all of your schedules and other travel information.

It can be a real chore to separately save the photos and movies that you take on your vacation. With a Blu-ray Disc, you can compile the data taken by your family and friends all onto a single disc.

  •  Keep the movies from your camcorder and the photos from your digital still camera all on the same disc.
  • Use a large-screen TV to show photos and videos of your vacation to family and friends.
  • Keeping everything on a single disc also makes it easier to find shots later.
Everything goes onto a single BD!
Have fun sharing the images at a party, or distributing them on discs.

Archive the camera's RAW data / Archive photos and raw data on a Blu-ray Disc! Save all the shots from your digital SLR camera.

Blu-ray Discs meet the needs of both professional and amateur photographers who not only want to save their photos in compressed JPEG format, but also want to archive RAW and TIFF data to prevent any image quality deterioration.

  • While only about 30 photos can be saved in RAW format on a CD, and about 140 photos on a DVD, a 50-GB Blu-ray Disc can hold about 2,000 photos.
  • Continuous shots of sports scenes and fast-moving subjects like wild animals can also be archived while saving space.
  • Blu-ray Discs are ideal for preserving your favorite shots.

RAW Photo Data Capacity (at 25 MB per Shot)

Produce original movies / Create your own cinematic masterpieces with a Blu-ray Disc. Make HD videos that rival professional movies!

Create original movies by editing HD camcorder scenes and adding background music. Take a seat in the director's chair and create your own movies starring your family and pets. Welcome to Hollywood!

  • You can edit HD images without losing image quality and copy them onto a Blu-ray Disc.
  • Use your favorite editing applications.
  • Copy your favorite videos and give them to friends.

Could this be your first step to stardom?
You can create original movies that rival Hollywood productions!

Back up PC data / Use fast-writing Blu-ray Discs to back up your PC data and protect it against hard-disk crashes, or to update your PC.

You only need two Blu-ray Discs to back up the data from a 80-GB HDD. Saving onto CDs and DVDs not only takes up time, it requires many discs and is difficult to organize.

  • It saves faster and has a larger capacity, so you can keep all of your data on just a few discs.
  • When you back up your data on a Blu-ray Disc, rewriting and adding data is easy.
  • The data recorded onto a Blu-ray Disc is stable, so it is safe and secure for a very long time.
Long Archive Life
Protect against a sudden PC crash!
Keep your data safe by periodically backing it up.

Save work-related data / SOHO offices can back up all of their data, images and sounds onto Blu-ray Discs to improve work efficiency.

Back up the e-mails, documents, web data, graphics, motion images, sounds, and other types of data in your office altogether onto a Blu-ray Disc. By storing everything in data form, it will be compact and easy to find later.

  • You can write data to a Blu-ray Disc with a simple "drag and drop" operation. By organizing data into folders, it is much easier to manage them.
  • Whether you are working with designing, construction, legal work, travel documents, or accounting, you can easily share your information by backing up all documents on a Blu-ray Disc.
  • A single disc holds as much data as 71 CDs or 10 DVDs, so you save considerable storage space.
You can instantly retrieve stored data, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Record sports events in HD quality / Save HDTV images of exciting sports events onto Blu-ray Discs.

Big sporting events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup, which occur only once every four years, are much more exciting to watch with realistic HD images.
If you record them with a Blu-ray Disc recorder, you can enjoy the powerful images and sounds anytime you wish.

  • BD's large capacity lets you save these timely sporting events.
  • By using a recorder to save hours of HD images, you can preserve major events in high image quality.
  • Blu-ray Discs are ideal for saving your favorite sporting events.
Enjoy all the excitement of the stadium right in your living room!

• Depending on the operating environment.
• Blu-ray Disc authoring and/or writing software is required for creating Blu-ray video discs.
• Please check the operating environment of your PC for each type of software.