The Bone Conduction Headset enables
stress-free communication.

What is Bone Conduction Headset?

The Bone Conduction Headset uses a different method than conventional headsets,
which relay sounds by vibrating airwaves from the ear to stimulate the eardrum.
By contacting the skull near the temples with vibration drivers instead of using the eardrums,
the Bone Conduction Headset transmits the vibration sound directly to the auditory nerve.
In noisy conditions, the user can protect his or her ears
by wearing earplugs for safe conversations.

Our Strengths

Equipped with a High-Performance Vibration Driver to
enable conversations with high sound quality even under noisy conditions.
An operating button is attached to the headset for easy operation.

  • Clear Sound Communication

    Surrounding sounds and verbal work instructions can be simultaneously heard, for safe communication even in noisy conditions,such as construction sites.

  • Usability

    The L button for use when speaking is positioned on the frame for easy wearing and simple operation.



The driver that relays the vibration uses high-performance audio technology to
achieve smooth, 2-way communication even under noisy conditions.

  • High-Performance Vibration Driver
  • High-Performance Mic


The Bone Conduction Headset allows stress-free conversations for
smooth communication. Raising the customer's work efficiency,
this contributes to a wide variety of fields.

  • Retail store staff

    Continuous, effective customer service is directly linked to smoother communication with support staff.

  • Security guard

    Even speaking at a low volume enables precise contact with other security members in the area.

  • Logistics worker /
    Manufacturing worker

    Connection to a smartphone enables hands-free use without interfering with your work.

  • Road construction worker

    You can hear clearly while protecting your hearing, without being bothered by surrounding noise.


Accessory & Specifications

This introduces the accessories of the Bone Conduction Headset,
such as the cables and carrying case, and lists the main specifications.


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