Multiple Video Streaming System

View multiple images simultaneously, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Introducing Multiple Video Streaming System

Multiple Video Streaming transforms the image distribution methods
of conventional surveillance cameras.
Images from several cameras can be viewed at once on multiple client devices.
And the shared image can be controlled from each client device.
The revolutionary point is that the images can be viewed from computers,
tablets and smartphones.

Our Strengths

The multiple videos and GUI parts are integrated into one image in HTML5 browser and is sent to the client device.
Each client can operate individually because each one is assigned to its own virtual server.

Previous System

Multiple video IP streams are send from the server.
The client devices will decode all the video streams and create GUI.

Multiple Video Streaming System

The MVS server will decode videos and create GUI to reconstruct the video stream.
And this reconstructed only one video IP stream is send to the client terminal.

Use Case Examples

  • Hospitality


    Even in large-scale facilities such as hotels and shopping malls, employees can oversee the entire premises using tablets and smartphones, to give customers the ultimate attention at all times.

  • Convention Center


    Security is provided for the entire facilities by the use of wearable cameras. A number of security guards can walk around the facilities, and easily distribute multi-images.

  • Entertainment


    In event venues, information panels such as displays can enable images of distant places to be simultaneously viewed to continually grasp their status.

System Configuration Example

System Configuration Example


Base System

Item Specifications
Maximum connectable clients 8 (per server)
Client devices Android and Windows OS
Touch Panel Display Supported
Client screen resolution 1920x1080
Client audio output Supported
Distribution bit rate 1, 2, 4, 8 Mbps (10, 20, 30 fps)

Application (Customizable)

Item Specifications
Number of multiple video displays 16
Multiple Video formats IP Camera M-JPEG playback, MP4 file playback
Multiple Video resolution 640×480
Full-screen video formats IP Camera H.264 playback, MP4 file playback
Full-screen video resolution 1920x1080

Specifications are subject to change without notice.