Out-of-Stock Detection

Out-of-Stock Detection

Reduce time to check,
increace sales opportunity.


Panasonic's Out-of-Stock Detection System improves the efficiency of retail store employees and helps to boost sales. It eliminates the need to check shelves, prevents lost sales opportunities, and halts customer complaints due to out-of-stock items by keeping the shelves filled.

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At retail stores, out-of-stock shelves inevitably reduce sales and customers, and cannot be considered a temporary loss. Since checking stock is such an important task, stores generally increase the frequency of checking, but this also increases the time spent by staff. The challenge for store owners is how to create an efficient process for checking the shelves.



Cutting Costs and Raising Sales

The Panasonic Out-of-Stock Detection System automatically monitors stock conditions. It greatly reduces the need for staff to check stock and prevents lost opportunity due to the lack of stock.The items on the shelves are constantly monitored by network camera, and the staff is notified as soon as an out-of-stock condition occurs, allowing the items to be immediately replenished. Because there is no need for the staff to regularly check the stock, that time can be spent on customer service, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Store Staff

    Store Staff

    The time that was spent checking out of stock shelves is eliminated, so more time can be spent on customer service.

  • Store Owner

    Store Owner

    The labor cost for checking out of stock shelves can be suppressed, so costs are reduced and sales are increased.

  • Customers


    Items are always available so customers buy and come back to the store to shop again.


  • Reading the bar code

    Automatic Detection
    and Notification

    Reading the bar code

    The Out-of-Stock Detection System has a high level of detection accuracy thanks to Panasonic's original image recognition technology. If an item is out of stock, the staff will automatically be notified, together with the shelf position.

  • Direction

    Demand Forecasting


    Out-of-stock information and data on fast-selling items are learned by the Panasonic cloud system, which allows the system to forecast item demand.

  • Projection

    Linking Electronic
    Shelf Labels


    The Out-of-Stock Detection System can be linked to Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). This also enables the staff to recognize the names of out-of-stock items together with the geolocation information of the ESL management system.



*μSockets is an IoT services for B2B provided by Panasonic Corration.

  • Monitoring Cameras : Recognition of the out of stock condition
  • PoE Hub : Connecting surveillance cameras and network
  • Router : Connecting LAN and cloud via internet
  • Replenishement Notice : Notification of product information that requires replenishment when out of stock occurred
  • Dashboard : Indication for out of stock points
  • Panasonic Cloud : Providing this service


Item Specification
Required Hardware Camera Data compression format: JPEG
Frame rate: 1
Resolution: 1280 x 960
Picture quality: Max. picture quality
PoE-HUB Depending on the number of locally connected cameras
Router Depending on the customer's network camera environment
Service DDNS Panasonic Viewnetcam
Data handling Out of stock data saving period Depending of customer requirement
Amount of data 1 MB/Day

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