Special glass serves as a Transparent Screen, and also enables high-contrast image projection.

The set includes a Transparent Screen, which uses a special glass that switches between Transparent mode and Screen mode, and a Control Box. A high-contrast light control film is combined with the glass, so the picture can be adjusted to the optimal contrast when installed. Images on par with digital signage can be projected even in brightly lit environments, to display information on new products and sales campaign details. Several screens can also be combined and controlled as a single large-screen system.

  • High contrast
  • High transmission
  • Integrated control

Transparent Screen System

Transparent Screen System
Transparent Screen System

High contrast

Reproduces high contrast images
onto a large transparent glass

There is very little image degradation even in brightly lit rooms, so it produces high-contrast images with robust blacks that meet or exceed the level of digital signage. By increasing the screen transmittance in dimly lit environments, optimal picture quality can be achieved from a compact projector and reduced-output images, to help lower system costs and save energy.

Can optimize image quality according to the installation environment

In brightly lit spaces, it can reproduce images with rich blacks. And in dark environments, it can reproduce high-contrast images even with a compact projector.

Without the color hue control layer

General light control film

With the color hue control layer

High-contrast light control film

*Images are simulated.

High transmission

Serves as a show window displaying products
and exhibits clearly

By applying voltage to the high-contrast light control film, the coloring is weakened to improve the transmittance of the glass. The transmittance is approximately 62%. This gives a clear view of products and exhibits through the show window.

Transparent Mode

Transparent Mode

Screen Mode

Screen Mode

Contrast ratio of about 5 times the conventional product.

*The screen image shown is an actual image.
*The image is positioned behind the screen, and projected by the projector in Screen mode.

Integrated control

Numerous screens may be combined
and controlled as a single large screen system

Several screens can be combined horizontally. For example, a 221-inch (16:9) screen measuring 4.9 meters wide and 2.75 meters tall can be created. Even in this configuration, the Control Box can be used to switch between transparent and screen modes, control the projector, and turn the lighting on and off in the exhibition space behind the glass.

Several screens

The photographs on this site are all simulated. The Transparent Screen cannot be installed in some environments.