Business Communication Systems

Case Studies

Wholesale Trade/Retailing

Some types of business make it difficult to maintain smooth communication with staff members due to frequent meetings outside the office or at customer locations, or work that is divided between multiple branches. Panasonic IP solutions make it possible to select the best form of communication for various situations. Of course, mobile phones can operate as telephone extensions or be forwarded to connect with staff members. By enhancing communication with customers in the same manner, work can proceed more smoothly.


Business offices need to reduce costs and increase speed in their communication. Panasonic IP solutions don't simply hold down costs, because features such as mobility and videoconferences also make for more efficient communication.

Public Authorities

Public institutions must respond to a variety of inquiries while handling matters quickly and efficiently. Panasonic IP solutions support communication networks and inquiries with a smoothly flowing system configuration. As a result, large-scale network improvements and cost reductions can be expected.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers require communication that has the flexibility to transform creative ideas into concrete shapes, and the durability to operate in harsh environments. Panasonic IP solutions offer high sound quality that withstands noisy conditions, and both dust- and water-proof operation. Panasonic communication also meets the needs of a wide variety of worksites with wireless and mobile capabilities.


Medical sites demand that communication measures remain safe and quickly accessible at all times. Panasonic IP solutions naturally enable doctors to carry their phones wherever they go, and by connecting to video devices, both doctors and patients are provided with flexible communication.


Hospitality industry requires hyper connectivity among employees no matter where they are. Panasonic solution including DECT mobile devices and various line-up applications support seamless connection with voice, visual and data. Video communication terminal or IP camera/IP doorphone terminals are also available to work as PBX extensions, so not only voice communication but simple monitoring solution can be provided by using Panasonic communication products.