Business Communication Systems

Mobile Softphone

Linking Business with Versatile Mobility

Simple and immediate use

Smartphone works as a company phone extension

The employee's smartphone can be registered as a company extension number with the Mobile Softphone application. It enables flexible audio and video calls in/out of offices without using your private phone number.

Push Notification

Push Notification informs you of incoming calls without having to start up an application. Since the application does not need to be constantly running, your smartphone battery lasts longer.

Immediate Use -No Server Needed

Since there is no need for an additional server or other equipment,
you can link your smartphone up immediately with no other changes
to your system. Also, Mobile Softphone supports SIP-TLS*1 (Transport Layer Security).
It prevents spoofing risks.

  • *1 SIP-TLS is not supported when using the KX-HTS Series. TLS is a protocol that guarantees privacy and data integrity over the internet.
  • *2 Application servers(Push notification and Authentication server) are provided free of charge by Panasonic.

Simple Security Features

Supports SIP-TLS*1

Panasonic Mobile Softphone supports SIP-TLS*2 (Transport Layer Security). With this feature, you can reduce hacking risks. SIP-TLS works not only inside the office but also outside the office when using the Media Relay Gateway function. This provides secure communication over various locations.

Rejects non-Panasonic SIP Phones

When it detects a non-Panasonic SIP extension trying to log in, it can reject the connection.
The default setting for use as a remote SIP account is supported by the KXHDV / KX-TGP600 series and Mobile Softphone.
By using this feature, users can prevent spoofing risks.
You can enable or disable this setting based on your needs.*3

  • *1 SIP-TLS is not supported when using under KX-HTS system.
  • *2 TLS is a protocol that guarantees privacy and data integrity over the internet.
  • *3 This function is not supported when in use with KX-HTS system.
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