Business Communication Systems

Mobile Softphone

Linking Business with Versatile Mobility

Smoother Communication Improves Customer Satisfaction

Link Your Employees with the Simple Business Phone Application

Remember when work was only done in offices? Today, that kind of thinking is definitely old-fashioned. Communication must be provided for business trips, on the go, and at home. By using Panasonic's Mobile Softphone, you can link all of your employees no matter where they are. The speed at which employees can respond to customer requests greatly affects customer satisfaction.

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Visual Communication Increases Productivity

Remote Communication with Visual Images

It can sometimes be difficult to understand another person's intention. With visual communication over a network, you can increase communication productivity by preventing miscommunication.

Solution Examples

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Mobile Softphone x Built-in Call Management in the PBX Unit = Employee Performance Analysis

Built-in Call Management

With Mobile Softphone and the Call Management feature that is built-in to the PBX main unit, managers can see each employee's call status either with real-time monitoring or csv data for a deeper analysis even when employees are not in the office.

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Employee Performance Analysis