Business Communication Systems

Smart Hybrid PBX KX-HTS32

Comparison Sheet

Usage Example ?SMB Office-

Do you want to minimize the cost for Business Communication and Network device but would like to have variety functions? The KX-HTS32 can give you a solution for your demand.
Panasonic New Compact Hybrid IP-PBX has basic call handling features and router functions are all in built, and can build business communication system including video communications.

SMB Office

Features and Benefits
Video Conference with Main Office Enhances Productivity

You can join in at meetings in the main office from your home office using KX-HDV430 installed with a PBX remote extension. No VPN subscription is required.

· No Need Visiting Main Office for Meeting
· Communication Face-to-Face at Different Locations with low cost

KX-HTS32 works as a Network Device with Built-in Functions

The KX-HTS32 has a built-in router and Wi-Fi access point.
This enables you to use the KX-HTS32 as a router device to connect with your smartphones or PCs.

No Exclusive Router is required for Wi-Fi connection.

You can use your smartphones or PCs by connecting with Wi-Fi of KX-HTS32.

Entrance Monitoring System and Control System

An entrance monitoring system using the KX-NTV160 IP Doorphone and KX-HDV430 video terminal is possible. You can control opening the door using the KX-HDV terminal or a smartphone even remotely.

Terminal controls opening doors

*Controls opening doors remotely using

*Bria phone is needed.

Usage Example ?Other Business-

Law Offices

Features and Benefits
Monitoring System using KX-NTV IP Camera and Doorphone

Protect Important Clients?Strict Confidential Information

The KX-NTV150 IP camera and KX-NTV160 IP Doorphone work as an PBX extension. Both have motion/voice detection functionality and digital input and output ports to integrate with external devices.

General Practitioner Clinic

Features and Benefits
Emergency Announcement to staff for speedy correspondence

Paging function available to the office or remote locations.

* Paging possible using SIP extension only.


Features and Benefits
Remote Coaching to Workers at Factory

The KX-NTV150 IP Camera works as an HTS extension. Extension calls possible between the KX-NTV150 located at the factory and terminals at the office. The KX-NTV150 can be connected with the built-in Wi-Fi. It enables flexible installation anywhere.

Remote coaching is possible with real time distribution of video communication right Improves work efficiency