Business Communication Systems

Smart Hybrid PBX KX-HTS824

Comparison Sheet

Cost Saving

Do you want to minimize the cost for Business Communication and Network device but would like to have variety functions? The KX-HTS824 can give you a solution for your demand.
Panasonic New Compact Hybrid IP-PBX has basic call handling features and router functions are all in built, and can build business communication system including video communications.

All-in-One Platform

The necessary standard call handling functions, such as Caller ID, DISA(Automatic Call Routing), and Auto Attendant/Voice Mail are all built-in.
A capacity of 6 SIP trunks and 24 SIP extensions are also built-in, so you can use without buying additional devices or Activation Keys.
An analogue capacity of 4 trunks and 8 extensions is also built-in, which can be maximized to 8 trunks and 24 extensions with optional cards.
This system's another unique built-in function is a router.
You can use KX-HTS824 as a phone system as well as a network device.

No External Devices needed for IP

IP/Legacy Flexible Hybrid system

The KX-HTS824 enables you to combine both IP and legacy trunks according to your needs and to construct systems that are both flexible and cost effective.
No need to change PBX when changing trunk line from Analogue to SIP in the future.

SIP Trunk with SIP Carrier

The SIP trunk with SIP carrier can be used without an additional device or an activation key. This enables cost reduction by access routes through SIP carriers located in different countries.

The SIP trunk with SIP carrier is useful reducing operating costs.
The KX-HTS supports 200 DDI numbers for one or two SIP carriers.
The extension can be called directly by DDI without an operator.

When service providers have a cost effective SIP trunk service, you can reduce the initial cost by connecting the KX-HTS824 with an SIP trunk and use entry terminals like single line telephones.

As a SIP Adaptor with Old PBXs

The KX-HTS824 can work as an adapter for SIP trunks.

Built-in DISA

Transfer callers automatically to their chosen destination without an operator.
4ch DISA and Voice Mail with voice guidance (Recording time: 120min) are built-in to the HTS main unit.

Built-in Wi-Fi

The KX-HTS824 has built-in Wi-Fi functionality which enables it to operate as an internet access point for PCs or smartphones.

  • (1) As IP-PBX
    As IP-PBX
  • (2) As Wi-Fi router with PBX feature for new offices
    As Wi-Fi router with PBX feature for new offices
  • (3) As Analogue PBX / As Wi-Fi phone (Smartphone with software phone)
    As Analogue PBX / As Wi-Fi phone (Smartphone with software phone)

The KX-HTS824 applies the following Wi-Fi general standards to achieve appropriate and secure wireless network conditions.

*Security: WPA2(CCMP), WPA-WPA2(TKIP-CCMP), Basic(WEP64/128)
WLAN Associations Filtering (ACL) : Yes