Business Communication Systems

Smart Hybrid PBX KX-HTS824

Comparison Sheet

Improved Work Efficiency

Although KX-HTS824 is an affordable system, It has variety built-in function such as Media Relay Gateway or Voice Mail Notification. In addition to that, KX-HTS824 has full variety terminals as compatible devices. It includes Video Communication Terminal or Communication Cameras or Dooephones.

Remote IP Extension

The built-in Media Relay Gateway feature supports remote IP extensions without a VPN for KX-HDV phones, smartphones with SIP software phone functionality and PCs, as well as 3rd party SIP desk phones.

Built-in Meet-Me Conference Function*1

Built-in Meet-Me Conference Function enables multiple employees to have a quick phone conference by simply dialing the Conference Room number and PIN number. This Function is Built-in to KX-HTS824 Main Unit. No Additional Devices or Activation Keys Necessary.

*1 Maximum members per a conference room is 6. Maximum conference room is 3.


Paging is available. Paging to and from remote locations is also available.
Paging functions enable speedy information sharing among employees.

· A maximum of 4 extensions can be paged.
· A maximum of 2 remote extensions can make or receive a paging.
· KX-HTS does not support audio ports for paging.
· KX-HTS supports the paging function to SIP extensions only.

Built in Voice Mail Notification

Voice messages can be received via e-mail using a PC or smartphone. Employees will not miss any important messages from customers.

Video Communication (KX-HDV430)*1

Although the KX-HTS824 is an affordable system, it has a full line up of compatible terminals, including KX-HDV430 video phones. The KX-HDV430 enables visual communications for users across different locations. This enables less travelling for business.

*1 ·HTS can support a maximum of 2 calls between video extensions.
    ·HTS ver.1 does not support three-way conference calls for video calls
    ·If video communication is used at a remote location, the video communication bandwidth needs to be less than 512 kbps.

Simple Monitoring System (KX-NTV series)

KX-HTS824 is compatible with the Communication IP Camera (KX-NTV150) and IP Video Doorphone (KX-NTV160). KX-NTV150/160 enables video and audio communication.
By utilizing the KX-NTV series, you can also achieve a simple monitoring system.

Monitoring System by KX-NTV IP Camera and Doorphone

KX-NTV150 IP camera works as a PBX extension. KX-NTV150 has a motion/voice detection function, and has digital input and output ports to integrate with external devices.

Entrance Monitoring System

Smartphones with software phone functionality can be used as a PBX extension in and outside of offices.*

*3rd party SIP software phone is required for use.