Business Communication Systems


Comparison Sheet


KX-NCP Series


The KX-NCP series are advanced communication solutions designed to enable businesses achieve unified communications by enhancing and streamlining office communications with presence-enriched productivity applications.

  • IP phones for local and remote workers
  • Desktop and network business application integratione
  • Business productivity with wireless mobility solutione
  • Built-in application server ? providing desktop solutionse
  • Choice of IP, digital, analogue or wireless DECT terminalse
  • Built-in messaging solutionse
  • SDK is available

KX-TDE Series


The KX-TDE series Pure IP PBXs are advanced corporate communication systems providing IP telephony features and functionalities over both local and broadband IP networks. They are an ideal communication platform to help customers solve all their business telephony needs today as well as in the future as they embrace full IP telephony.

  • Initial system accepts up to 64 IP-proprietary telephones and 32 IP-trunks with the optional DSP card
  • SIP phones accept up to 128 standard
  • 2 Built-in LAN ports
  • Support the new IP-PT KX-NT300 Series
  • Full support of KX-TDA features
  • Upgradeable to KX-TDE by changing the main card (IPCMPR) in the KX-TDA
  • Multi-site programming
  • Server Connection
    -DHCP client for KX-TDE
    -SNMP Agent / Alarm
    -SNTP client
  • Built-in simplified voice message
  • Enhanced walking extension (Hot desking)
  • SDK is available

With diverse business communications features, built-in applications, and a choice of fixed, mobile and advanced touch screen IP terminals, the Panasonic KX-NCP and KX-TDE Series provide a unified solution for businesses and meet their single or multi-site communication needs today as well as in the future. Since this system supports IP networks it enables the communication environment to be flexibly expanded in accordance with corporate growth.

IP Networking
  • Networking Solution
  • Endless Possibilities with a Wide Range of Devices
  • Wireless Solutions for True Business Mobility
  • Communication Assistant Productivity Application
  • Voice Messaging Solution
  • Call Center Solution