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Comparison Sheet

As personal computers have become an essential business tool, Panasonic has developed KX-NCP and TDE series to seamlessly integrate with advanced desktop productivity applications for improved business efficiency. Communication Assistant is a unified communication productivity software suite that provides office staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity.

Communication Assistant Productivity Application

Communication Assistant Basic-Express / Pro For Personal Productivity

Communication Assistant productivity software is a highly intuitive PC based application suite that blends powerful point and click telphony together with screen based presence, availability and variety of collaboration tools to simplify and enhance real-time communications for business telephony users. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, Communication Assistant can be deployed without the need of any additional 3rd party server, making it an ideal solution for small to medium size businesses with limited IT knowledge and staff.

Point and Click Unified Communications
Point and Click Unified Communications

You can easily make calls using a customisable contact list that is displayed on your PC, and search for a desired contact simply and quickly.
You can also see the phone status, PC status, and the absent message of your extensions from the contact list before you make a call.

Voice Mail Assistant
Voice Mail Assistant (VMA)

Companies using the optional advanced KX-TVM Voice Messaging solution can allow Communication Assistant users to visually manage their voice mails with Voice Mail Assistant.
It can be launched directly from Communication Assistant via the Message icon.

IP Software Phone
IP Software Phone

IP Software Phone module allows road warriors, sales and support staff, or any other power user to use their computer as an IP Phone for easy access to unified communications.
The user simply needs to connect to the corporate IP network over a secure managed broadband connection to enable the IP Software Phone.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Integration with Microsoft® Outlook®

Communication Assistant seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Outlook® allowing users to easily dial contact phone numbers and receive incoming call pop-up alerts.

Teleconferences with Easy and Simple Operation teleconference

Members that join a teleconference can be registered in a group using a PC drag-and-drop operation, so that teleconferences can be easily started.

Communication Assistant Operator Console For Operator or Receptionist

Operator or Receptionist

You can manage and redirect multiple calls simultaneously.
Call parking and extension management features are available for managing a large volume of call traffic.
Parked calls are put on hold and pooled into a common parking zone, and can be retrieved by any extension user.
You can also easily forward calls using the drag and drop function displayed on your PC.

Communication Assistant Supervisor For Team or Executive User

Team or Executive User

The supervisor can monitor each agent’s phone status and also remotely log-in a currently logged out agent’s extension, or log-out an agent phone with simple mouse operation using CA Supervisor.
CA Supervisor can also monitor various important call center statistics.

Multi site Communication

Multi site Communication

From a branch office you can check the presence of people in charge at your company’s head office through a network which connects the separate hubs. A single CA server on an IP network can be shared between multiple offices (a maximum of 8 PBXs, 4 recommended).

Network Camera Integration

Network Camera Integration

Panasonic Network Cameras can also be integrated, allowing users to answer a Doorphone and open the door after viewing the Network Camera video feed on screen.

Network Camera Integration

The KX-NCP and TDE series supports Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enabling telephony and computers to work in sync thus providing powerful PC-based productivity tools. The system supports IP based CTI integration via industry standard TAPI/CSTA.

System Diagram

Communication Assistant System Diagram CA Operator Console CA Supervisor CA Voice Mail Assistant CA Basic / Pro


  CA Basic Express CA Pro CA Operator
CA Supervisor
Maximum Users
(PBX Only / With CA Server)
240 / 1022 240 / 1022 128 / 128 4 / 128
Built-in Service KX-NCP500 / 1000 5 (free additional licence) 2* N / A
KX-TDE100 / 200 10 (free additional licence) 4* N / A
KX-TDE600 20 (free additional licence) 8* N / A
KX-NS1000 240/1022 (PBX Only/With CA Server)
(free additional service)
128 1 1
Call Contact 10 1000
Call History 10 1000
Multi site communication (Networking) N / A Yes
CRM Integration by TAPI N / A Yes
Thin Client Support Yes Yes

*60 day trial installations