Business Communication Systems


Comparison Sheet

Voice Messaging Solution

Voice guidance provides a user-friendly interface to simplify and streamline business communications by efficiently routing customer calls to the proper department or agents. Furthermore, a voice mail storage facility can be used for graceful offline call handling during busy hours, thus increasing overall productivity and providing better customer service.

The KX-NCP system offers three types of messaging solutions.

  1. Built-In Solution: Built-in 2 channel Enhanced Simple Voice Messaging (ESVM).
  2. Optional Solution: ESVM2 (Option: KX-TDA0192) or ESVM4 (Option: KX-TDA0194)
    Enhanced SVM cards provide added message recording and outgoing message handling capabilities that help ensure calls from your customers are routed through properly and are always answered or processed gracefully. These optional cards can be configured to run in three modes for complete flexibility:
    1. SVM Mode: For Voice Mail only features.
    2. MSG Mode: For DISA functionality leveraged with Outgoing Message recordings. The MSG mode can also support mobile telephone extension integration allowing for mobile telephones to be used as PBX extensions.
    3. SVM + MSG Mode: Allowing customers to have both simple voice mail as well as DISA functionality. Companies can even upload from PC high quality sound files (8kHz, 16 bit .wav file) that can be played as OGM recordings ? for various outgoing message applications.
  3. External Solution: Companies requiring enhanced voice messaging capabilities beyond the functions found on the optional ESVM cards can upgrade to the external KX-TVM50 or KX-TVM200 messaging solutions that provide enhanced message applications and customer service opportunities. These external optional voice processing systems come fully packed with business class voice messaging features designed to help businesses handle every call in a courteous and efficient manner.
    Type Voice Messaging Capacity
    Built-in ESVM 125 messages, 120 minutes
    Optional ESVM2 (KX-TDA0192) 250 messages,120 minutes
    Optional ESVM4 (KX-TDA0194) 2 x 250 messages,120 minutes
    External KX-TVM50 4 hours - 8 hours
    External KX-TVM200 1000 hours

Enhanced Simple Voice Mail (ESVM)

Key applications that can be implemented using the optional ESVM cards include:

  • User as well as Group Voice Mail Services
  • Voice Guidance-based Call Routing
  • Transfer Out from Voice Mailbox to MSG Functions
  • Multi-level Auto-Attendant with OGM Recordings
  • Queue Messages
  • CO-to-CO End of Call Detection
  • Mobile Phone Extension Support

External Solution – KX-TVM50/200 Key Features:

The KX-TVM50/TVM200 offer a host of advanced voice messaging features such as:

  • Single or Multi-Site Central Voice Messaging Service
  • Advanced Automated Attendant Service
  • E-Messaging (email notification with voice message attachment)
  • Interview Service
  • Voice Mail Menu on LCD of System Phones for Easier Operation
  • Caller Name Announcement
  • Caller ID/CLIP-based Greetings
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording
  • Holiday Service
  • Multi-Lingual Voice Prompts
  • Fax Detection/Routing

With the KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 together with KX-NCP, Panasonic delivers new levels of unified messaging solutions that can help any business achieve higher productivity.