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Wireless Solutions for True Business Mobility

Businesses can increase employee availability and enhance customer service by providing un-hindered access to wireless telephony.

Mobile/GSM Integration for One Number Solution

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) can be utilized to link extensions with mobiles. Customers can easily contact you using a single number, whether you are inside or outside of the office.

If you are outside of the office, the system can automatically transfer the call to your mobile. The system can also simultaneously ring both the Proprietary Telephone in your office and your mobile, so that you can receive calls from your customer whether you are inside or outside of the office.

If your mobile is turned off or is in an area where there is no mobile coverage, and you cannot answer the call, the voice mail system can automatically answer and record the caller's message.

If you are outside the office and make an outgoing call from your mobile via the PBX, the call's receiver will be notified with your office's telephone number and not your mobile's, so that you can manage the relationship with your customer through a "One Number".

Furthermore, conference calls can be made with mobiles, speeding up decision making processes since meetings can be easily joined outside the office. Also save running costs by no longer using charged conference services of telephone carriers

Multi-Cell DECT Wireless for Office Mobility Solution

The Panasonic office mobility solution lets you carry on your conversation over lightweight, wireless DECT terminals while you are away from your desk or moving around the office. Using Wireless XDP (extra Device Port), users can set their DECT wireless handsets to have the same extension as their desk phone, and then receive calls even when away from their desk. The Multi-Cell DECT System provides automatic hand-over between installed wireless cells, thereby enhancing coverage and giving you true communication mobility even within large premises.

IP Cell Station

IP Cell Stations can be connected directly to the LAN network. It is possible to extend the wireless communication zone by connecting IP Cell Stations to the LAN. If a Branch office is connected via an IP-VPN, then the Branch office can build a wireless communication network without PBX equipment.

  • he functions that can be used depend on the MPR version of the PBX.
DECT Paging

Conference calls can be conducted with a maximum of 32 people (32 DECT handsets), enabling work instructions to be sent to multiple people at once. Two-way calls can also be made with up to 8 people (8 DECT handsets), enabling information to be shared in realtime.

  • The number of DECT handsets that can join a conference call depends on the number of cell stations (number of channels).
  • KX-WT115/KX-UDT Series cannot be used.
DECT Portable Station

Look here for details on compatible DECT Portable Stations.

DECT Portable Station Line-up

Cell Station Line-up

IP Cell Station
Cell Station

Used with a repeater,
the cell station range can be extended.