Business Communication Systems


Comparison Sheet

The KX-NS1000 includes an advanced call routing function for small to medium size call centres. This function can be used without an external CTI server. It enables you to provide various functions. Furthermore, the solutions can be expanded to suit more sophisticated call centres in combination with Voice Mail functions, the Communication Assistant and third party CTI applications.

Main Features

  • Automatic Voice Guidance
  • Call Pickup Group Monitor
  • Auto Recording
  • NAS supported
  • ACD Monitor/Report
  • 1:N Ringing (Group Ringing)/Delayed Ringing
  • Priority Routing for VIP Calls
  • Intercept Routing/Busy on Busy
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
  • Busy Override

Automatic Voice Guidance for Customers

The caller can recognise their position in the queue through voice guidance. Since the caller knows their status, they can decide whether to stay in the queue or leave a message and hang up, according to the situation.

Call Pickup Group MonitorNew Feature

When receiving a call with members of a pickup group, it is possible to notify the other members by displaying the extension number/name, enabling the other members to take the calls.

Auto Recording and Backing Up Data

The KX-NS1000 can be used to automatically record conversations with customers, which can be listened to by supervisors, saved to an external server, and used to understand problems or opportunities relating to customer service.

Monitoring Callers and Call History Report

The supervisor can monitor the live status of call centres to understand on-site problems and improve them. Reports can also be used to understand problems or opportunities relating to customer service. Reports data can be saved to an external server.