Business Communication Systems


Comparison Sheet


Various teleconferencing functions make work at or away from the company more efficient. These reduce business trip costs and speeds up decision making with smooth communication.

High Definition Voice Conference

For In-Company Staff

With the various voice processing technologies of the KX-UT series SIP phones and the KX-NT700 IP Voice conferencing phone, an IP network can be used to perform low cost and high audio quality voice conferences.

Free Location Conferences

For In-Company Staff

Even if conference rooms or meeting corners do not have telephone lines or a LAN, you can have voice conferences with the KX-NT700 IP conferencing phone as long as it is connected to a DECT portable station within range of an IP cell station.

Conference Group Calls from Outside

For Outside Staff

Conference calls can be made simply by calling a phone number for a contact group registered in advance that contains up to 32 people (including the caller), without using charged voice conference services available from telephone carriers.