Business Communication Systems


Comparison Sheet


Communication quality and reliability are extremely important. With our communication system, the communication service can be maintained even if problems occur with the system.

Reliable Backup System
to Survive system Failures

1+1 Redundancy

With a primary unit and secondary unit installed, if a problem occurs with the working system on the primary unit, the backup system of the secondary unit is promoted to the working system and continues operations as KX-NSX master PBX.

Simplified Isolated Mode

If network trouble occurs with a multisite connection, the Expansion Gateway (KX-NS series) at each site can operate as a stand-alone system. The KX-NSX is resilient and enables communication to continue.


Remote Maintenance

A service engineer can remotely perform maintenance on the KX-NSX. The Panasonic cloud service enables the engineer to access your system securely, from anywhere, anytime - which allows for quick system recovery. KX-NSX maintenance is both flexible and efficient.

Fault Recovery / Diagnostics

The KX-NSX2000/1000 can obtain system logs to help troubleshooting.